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Higgins Named Gelbvieh Association Commercial Producer of the Year

Barry Higgins of Russellville, Kentucky, was honored as the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) Commercial Producer of the Year during the awards banquet held at the 46th Annual American Gelbvieh Association National Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday, December 2, 2016.

Higgins was joined by his wife, Kim; son, Cody, and daughter Kameron at the banquet. Myron Edelman, AGA executive director, presented Higgins with the award.

The AGA Commercial Producer of the Year Award honors individuals who use Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics in progressive commercial cattle operations and are proactive in their promotion of the Gelbvieh and Balancer breed.

Higgins has worked hard to promote Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle for the past 10 years. He and his family own and operate H and H Farms, a 500 head cow-calf operation, and the Russellville Livestock Market located in Russellville, Kentucky.

Higgins bought his first Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls in 2004. Higgins mentioned he started using Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls for the added muscle and growth along with improved disposition. As a result, Higgins’ weaning weights have increased 75 to 100 pounds since he has been using high-quality Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls.

In 2011, Higgins organized a group of commercial cattle producers in southwestern Kentucky that utilize Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls and started a special Gelbvieh and Balancer-influenced feeder calf sale, which is held each July at Russellville Livestock Market. The sale has been very beneficial for the group and they usually sell between 600 to 800 head of feeder calves consigned by eight consigners. The sale has consistently averaged $10 to $12 a hundred over the local market.



Photo Caption: American Gelbvieh Association Executive Director Myron Edelman presented the AGA Commercial Producer of the Year Award to Barry Higgins, Russellville, Ky. Left to Right: Myron Edelman, Barry Higgins, Kim Higgins, Kameron Higgins, Cody Higgins

Breeders Win Big during Inaugural Gelbvieh Carcass Contest

Results of the inaugural American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Sire-Identified Carcass Contest were announced during the 46th Annual American Gelbvieh Association National Convention awards banquet on Friday, December 3. Breeders from Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois took home top honors with prize payouts totaling $7,900.

The AGF continues to help advance the Gelbvieh breed through its support of research and development. For this reason, the AGF launched its first ever Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Sire-Identified Carcass Testing Contest. These two projects together provide the information and funds necessary to generate datasets to advance Gelbvieh and Balancer® carcass merit.

The AGF Steer Challenge was a competition amongst individual Gelbvieh and Balancer-influenced steers in which the criteria focused on average daily gain in the feedyard, carcass value and overall top value animal, which combined average daily gain and carcass value. The Steer Challenge gives an opportunity for participants to donate a steer to the AGF. All proceeds from the donation go toward research and development within the Gelbvieh breed. The AGF Sire-Identified Carcass Testing Contest awarded steers, which were in a group of three or more animals from the same contemporary group, on these same qualities and also awarded a top-performing pen. In its first year, nine ranches participated with a total of 35 animals on feed at Roode Feedyard in Fairbury, Nebraska. All steers were harvested and values were calculated in July 2016.

LeDoux Ranch, Agenda, Kansas, placed high in both the AGF Steer Challenge and Balancer division of the Scale and Rail Contest and took home a total of $3,800 in prize payouts. LeDoux’s winning steer in the AGF Steer Challenge took home top carcass value and top value animal; this steer was sired by SGRI Jacked Up Z704. The same steer also took home top accolades in the Balancer division of the Scale and Rail Contest including second highest average daily gain at 4.27 pounds per day, top carcass value at $1,116 with a 1,060 pound hot carcass weight and a 15.3 square inch ribeye. This steer also took home top value Balancer animal with a value of $1,120, USDA Yield Grade 3.8 and a quality grade of USDA Choice-.

Flying H Genetics, Arapahoe, Nebraska, owned the Balancer steer with the highest average daily gain, gaining 4.56 pounds per day. This steer was sired by FHG Flying H Professor 22W.

Warner Beef Genetics, Arapahoe, Nebraska, owned the steer which took second place for top carcass in the Balancer division with a carcass value of $1,114, hot carcass weight of 1,055 pounds, and a 12.5 square inch ribeye. This same steer also placed second for top value animal with a total value of $1,117, USDA Yield Grade 3.8 and quality grade of USDA Choice-. This steer was sired by DCSF Post Rock Highly Focused 308Y8. Warner Beef Genetics also owned the champion pen of Balancer steers with an average top value of $1,374, average USDA Yield Grade of 3.5, and average quality grade of USDA Choice-. They took home $1,400 in prize payouts for their steers’ performance in the contests.

In the Gelbvieh division, Blackhawk Cattle Company, Oregon, Illinois, was a notable winner owning the top carcass and top value steer as well as champion pen and taking home $1,600 in prize payouts. Blackhawk Cattle Company’s top carcass steer had a carcass value of $1,057, a hot carcass weight of 994 pounds, and a ribeye area of 13.5 square inches. This steer also had a USDA Yield Grade 3.1, and quality grade of USDA Choice-. This steer’s total value was the highest in the Gelbvieh division at $1,061 and was sired by VRT Lazy TV Sam U451. Blackhawk Cattle Company also owned the champion pen of Gelbvieh steers with the average value of the pen being $1,355, average USDA Yield Grade 3.0 and average quality grade of USDA Choice-.

CKS Gelbvieh, Collins, Iowa, owned the Gelbvieh steer that placed first for average daily gain, gaining 3.99 pounds per day. This steer was sired by TAU Mr Gunnison 230U 110Z.

To view full results, including all steers close-out data, please visit the Projects page under the Foundation section of

American Gelbvieh Association Elects Board of Directors


Photo caption: The American Gelbvieh Association elected directors and officers for 2017 during its national convention in Lincoln, Nebraska. Front row (left to right): Jeff Swanson, Oxford, Neb.; Vice President Andy LeDoux, Agenda, Kan.; Executive Director Myron Edelman, Broomfield, Colo.; President Scott Starr, Stapleton, Neb.; Secretary Duane Strider, Asheboro, N.C.; Treasurer Walter Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C.; Neal Pearson, Lake City, S.D. Back row (left to right) Randy Sienknecht, Gladbrook, Iowa; Leland Clark, Barnard, Kan.; Dustin Rippe, Belleville, Kan.; Andrea Murray, Kingfisher, Okla.; John Carrel, Columbus, Mont.; Lowell Rogers, Seminary, Miss.; Dough Hughes, Max Meadows, Va. Not pictured: Dennis Gustin, Mandan, N.D. and Klint Sickler, Gladstone, N.D.

Members of the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) elected five candidates to the board of directors at the annual membership meeting held December 2, 2016, during the 46th Annual American Gelbvieh Association National Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Newly elected board members are John Carrel, Columbus, Montana; Leland Clark, Barnard, Kansas; Doug Hughes, Max Meadows, Virginia, and Klint Sickler, Gladstone, North Dakota. Re-elected to serve a second term was Walter Teeter, Mount Ulla, North Carolina.

The Board of Directors also elected individuals to serve in leadership positions on the 2017 AGA Executive Committee. Scott Starr, Stapleton, Nebraska, was elected as the president of the American Gelbvieh Association.

Elected as vice president was Andy LeDoux, Agenda, Kansas. Duane Strider, Asheboro, North Carolina, was elected as secretary and Walter Teeter was elected as treasurer.

Other members of the AGA Board of Directors are: Dennis Gustin, Mandan, North Dakota; Andrea Murray, Kingfisher, Oklahoma; Neal Pearson, Lake City, South Dakota; Dustin Rippe, Belleville, Kansas; Lowell Rogers, Seminary, Mississippi; Randy Sienknecht, Gladbrook, Iowa; and Jeff Swanson, Oxford, Nebraska.

Retiring members of the 2016 AGA Board of Directors were Bob Hart, Kansas City, Kansas; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Indiana; David Martin, Judsonia, Arkansas and Grant Thayer, Ramah, Colorado. The AGA would like to thank these members for their years of service on the AGA Board of Directors.