American Gelbvieh Association Educational Resource Webinars

Providing member education resources is an on-going goal of AGA. One of the ways we are exploring to accomplish this goal is by hosting webinars with industry thought-leaders as well as leaders from emerging markets and opportunities.

To help streamline resources and allow for better any-time access to the information we are curating, we will link all webinars and resources below.

All content is provided to serve and aid producers in connecting with educational resources that may assist in the management of an operation.

Episode 4: Genomics Webinar with Dr. Matt Spangler
Genomics Webinar Presentation
Genomics Webinar Audio

Earned Media Coverage: Ample Carbon Market Opportunities – Western Ag Reporter

Episode 1: Carbon Market Discussions with Agoro Carbon Alliance

In the first episode of the 2022 educational series, AGA hosts Agoro Carbon Alliance representatives to share the ins and outs of their carbon grazing program. In this episode, the Agoro team discusses the minimum acreage needed to enroll, data required, additionality, permanence, and contracts.