Tony Hayek Memorial Award Presented in Huron

LINCOLN, Neb. – Each year the Tony Hayek Memorial Award is presented at the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) Junior Classic to the exhibitor of the Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Heifer. This year’s recipient at the 2023 AGJA Great Dakota Classic held in Huron, South Dakota, was Lily Judd of Pomona, Kansas.

The Tony Hayek Memorial was established 20 years ago. Tony loved cattle, kids and having a good time. Junior Nationals was his family vacation nearly every year. Tony’s children Tina, Stan, Shellina and Janelle were all active in the Junior Gelbvieh Association. Three of the four have chosen to continue with their own herd (Cib’s Gelbvieh, Herink Gelbvieh and Taubenheim Gelbvieh). Tony’s influence in the breed lives on through his kids and grandkids as they participate in many shows and other Gelbvieh activities.

Tony was passionate about Gelbvieh cattle and knew the breed’s future was in the hands of the younger generations. He found great joy in teaching the youth about the Gelbvieh breed and helping them with their livestock projects. He loved watching his kids exhibit cattle, but he always wanted them to understand the skills that are needed outside of the show ring to breed quality cattle. Showing cattle takes a great deal of skill, but competing in the bred and owned division takes that skill to a much higher level. It is for that reason the Bred and Owned show was always one of his favorites.

Congratulations Lily Judd on achieving the Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Heifer honor. Tony would be very proud of your dedication to breeding outstanding Gelbvieh genetics.

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association is the junior division of the American Gelbvieh Association. The AGJA provides members up to 21 years of age the opportunity to participate in youth activities.


From left to right: Barb Wieben, Lily Judd, and Tina Cibula