“The Gathering” Production Sale

Olds Cow Palace

Olds, Alberta, Canada

December 8, 2019

Auctioneer: Ryan Dorran

Sale Report: Royal Western Gelbvieh

24 lots averaged $7,659

Once again, The Gathering was a showcase of elite Gelbvieh genetics. Genetics sold into B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Missouri, Alabama, Virginia, Kansas, North Dakota and the United Kingdom.

High selling lot was RWG Guilt Trip 9418 ET, a son of RWG Exact Combination 7409, selling 1/2 possession and 1/2 semen interest for $28,000 to a progressive group of breeders Nelson Gelbvieh, Pin to Point Gelbvieh, BNH Livestock, Severtson Land and Cattle, Jensen Ranch.

High Selling Open Heifers:

RWG Kittys Grace 9402 ET, a daughter of RWG Exact Combination 7409, selling possession and 1/2 embryo interest for $17,000 to Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Rocky Top Gelbvieh, Ben McClure.

SLC Zoe 99G ET, a daughter of SLC Viper 7E, sold for $15,000 to Mike York, Pin to Point Gelbvieh, Royal Western Gelbvieh, Kittle Farms, BNH Livestock, Jeremy Hamilton.

SLC Reba 134G ET, a daughter of SLC Swagger 105A ET, sold for $13,500 to Kittle Farms.

High Selling Bred Females:

DDN Belly River Fanda 819F, a daughter of HL SLC Masterplan 58C, sold for $10,000 to Smithers Land & Livestock.

SLC Black Lass 184A, a daughter of STON Xterminator 7X, selling 1/2 interest for $9,000 to Little Windy Hill Farms.

DDN Belly River Fancy 8138F, a daughter of DDN Driver 133D, sold for $8000 to Goodview Gelbvieh.