“Seedstock Plus Southwest Feed Efficiency & Cow-Maker Bull Sale” at Bar T Bar Ranch

April 11, 2015
Meteor Crater, Arizona
Auctioneer: Justin Stout

51 Calving Ease Bulls……….$7,470
63 Balancers………$6,135
35 Southern Balancers………$5,700
5 Angus……….$5,600
154 Bulls……….$6,461

A beautiful spring day brought over 250 people to the Prosser family's first bull sale to be held on the ranch.  In fact, it is thought to be the first bull sale to be held on any ranch in Arizona since John Wayne dispersed his famous 26 Bar Herefords in 1986, 29 years ago.  Visitors had an opportunity to eat and watch the sunset at the Meteor Crater the evening before, followed by a lively session with Trent Loos.

Bar T Bar Ranch is an owner of Seedstock Plus, a marketing cooperative. Larry & Diane Holland who own Quarter Circle H Angus of Taylor, AZ, also Seedstock Plus members, had bulls in this sale.

 Bulls sold to 10 states and Mexico, with 65 percent staying in Arizona. Most buyers were longtime, repeat customers. Most of the bulls had been feed efficiency tested and that efficiency drove their value.

 Topping all of the sale bulls at $18,000 was BTBR Mr Black Cross 4365, a black Balancer sired by BTBR Mr Black Cross 0224, a Lazy TV Flat Iron son. He sold to Jordan Diehl of CJSD Gelbvieh, Bradford, OH. A March yearling, he boasted an actual RFI score of -3.75 and an Efficiency Profit Index of $227.49.  His RFI EPD is -0.49 with a Marbling EPD .44. 

Tim Mulroy, Mayetta, KS paid $16,000 for a calving ease black Balancer sired by Shipwheel Chinook 7700. BTBR Mr Black Cross 4031 had a calving ease EPD of 21, birthweight EPD of -4.4, and a -0.23 RFI EPD. His EPI was $200.03 and his granddam was a Dam of Merit.

Danny Major, Major Cattle Co, Chino Valley, AZ, paid $10,000 for a BTBR Nevada 1170Y son. This black Balancer # 4080 had a calving ease EPD of 17, birthweight EPD of -2.7, a marbling EPD of .76, and an adjusted IMF of 4.23.  He is out of a Dam of Merit.

In the first volume offering of Southern Balancers in the nation, Chuck Backus, Quarter Circle U Ranch, Apache Junction, AZ, paid $8,000 for #4286,  This was the top EPI bull in the sale, boasting a $278 value.

Volume buyer was return customer Black Elk Ranch, Winnemucca, NV.  Other volume buyers were a group of 3 ranches in Mexico, R & R Agrotech, Inc., Rancho La Cieneguita, and Empresas FimPre.  Additional volume buyers were: Flying M Ranch, Flagstaff, AZ, Ute Mountain Farm & Ranch, Towac, CO, Gary Hollowell, Kingman, AZ, Orme Ranch, Mayer, AZ, and Cobra Loma Ranch, Willcox, AZ. 




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