Seedstock Plus Fall Bull Sale

Carthage, Missouri
Auctioneer: Jeremy Anstine
Reported by: John Burbank

75           Balancer® Bulls  $4,110
45           Gelbvieh Bulls   $3,970
3              Southern Balancer® – Hybrid Bulls             $3,083
2              Angus Bulls         $2,650
125         Overall Bulls       $4,012

Seedstock Plus hosted another successful sale with their annual Fall Bull Sale. There were 149 registered buyers, of which 84 bought, with bulls selling into 12 states. All the bulls sold at a rapid pace to new and repeat customers that bid aggressively on this quality offering. The sale averages increased over $500 per head over last year’s sale.

Sale Highlights Include:

Lot 129: A homozygous black purebred Gelbvieh bull from Brandywine Farms, sold to Walnut Ridge Gelbvieh, Mo., at $7,750. Brandywine Farms retained 25 percent semen interest on this calving ease prospect that was also the top IMF scanning Gelbvieh bull.

Lot 11: A red homozygous polled Balancer from Van Winkle Farms sold to Stuecken Bros., Mo, for $7,250. This bull offered excellent calving ease with good growth, depth and thickness in a very eye appealing package.

Lot 14: A black Balancer from Okatoma River Ranch sold to Jerald Rumfelt, Mo., for $6,900. This super phenotype bull was the result an ET mating and posted a 129 gain ratio.

Lot 3: A homozygous black, homozygous polled 88 percent Angus bull offered by JGP Gelbvieh and Burbank Cattle Co. Nowack Cattle Co. of Missouri was the winning bidder at $6,300. Lot 3 had an excellent EPD profile, with carcass value of 123.57, 114 gain ratio, and high IMF scan.

Lot 61: Another bull from Brandywine Farms, this homozygous black Balancer bull sold to Tom Strubberg, Mo., for $6,250. Excellent EPDs, a high IMF scan, and eye appeal attracted many to this bull.

Lot 104: This homozygous black, homozygous polled, purebred Gelbvieh bull from Diamond Mill Iron Gelbvieh sold to Ann Gregory of Kansas for $6,000. He combines excellent calving ease and milk in a package with length, depth and thickness.

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