Seedstock Plus Arkansas Bull Sale

March 2, 2019

Hope Livestock Market

Hope, Arkansas

Auctioneer: Lakin Oakley

Reported by: John Burbank

14 Gelbvieh Bulls $4,275

47 Balancer Bulls $3,801

8 Angus Bulls $3,606

69 Overall Bulls $3,875

The third annual Seedstock Plus Arkansas Bull Sale was held as a standalone sale for the first time as the Four State Classic Sale moved to an April date. A tremendous crowd was on hand to evaluate a solid set of range-ready bulls and resulted in the highest sale averages since the inception of the Seedstock Plus Arkansas Bull Sale. Bulls were developed at Rose Bud Feeders, LLC in Rose Bud, Arkansas, and are sold with most comprehensive data and customer service in the industry. Bulls sold at a rapid pace to new and repeat customers mostly in the four state area of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

High selling bull was Lot 209, a herd bull prospect from Molroy Farms, selling for $8,250 and finding a new home at White Oak Farms, Missouri. This homozygous black, homozygous polled PB94 Gelbvieh is top 2% for CE, WW, YW, FPI and EPI. We will see more out of this Mr. Montana son in the future.

Second high bull and top selling Balancer was also a Molroy Farms bull. Lot 191 sold for $5,700 and was purchased by Bear Creek Ranch, Arkansas. An excellent phenotype combined with no holes EPD’s profile culminating into a tremendous individual.