Schroeder Ranch 17th Annual Balancer® Bull Sale

April 6, 2015
Mitchell, South Dakota
Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
Sale Manager: Mettler Sale Management
Reported by: Jerry Mettler

Sale Averages
46 Balancer® Bulls: $5,011
33 Black Balancer Bulls: $4,989
13 Red Balancer Bulls: $5,065

An overcast drizzly day brought nothing but smiles to the faces of the crowd that gathered at the Schroeder Ranch 17th Annual Bull Sale.  Any type of moisture in this area is being received with welcome enthusiasm.  This enthusiasm carried over into the bidding attitude as the bulls sold into six states under the pledge that Schroeder Ranch is “Your Source for Common Sense Balanced Beef.”

Leading off the sale at $12,000 was the Lot 36 SGRI B806 Brule Balancer bull.  A 2/16/14 homozygous black, homozygous polled herd sire prospect that simply ‘covered all the bases’ from balanced numbers to exceptional performance and data.  Sired by LT In Reach 9024 and out of a SAV 8180 Traveler 004 sired dam, Lot 36 found a new home at Wohl Farms, John Wohl, Baldwin, North Dakota.  Certainly this young sire will be heard from in the future as Wohl Farms is rapidly securing a reputation in the Upper Plains states as a go to source for quality breeding stock.

The second high seller, Lot 40 at $8,000, was sired by a proven Balancer patriarch, VRT Lazy TV Beethoven K278.  SGRI B817 Custer, 2/26/14, was out of an LT In Reach 9024 heifer and this great one had an ADJ YW of 1526 pounds and his ADG on a 146 day test was an amazing 4.68 pounds per day and he sported a 15.37 sq in REA!  Erik Roth, Parkston, South Dakota was the winning bidder.

Next high selling bull went to a long time supporter of the Schroeder Ranch program and a distinguished purebred producer in their own right—Volek Gelbvieh, Highmore, South Dakota.  They chose Lot 4, SGRI B809 Clark for $7,500. Here was yet another homozygous black LT In Reach 9024 influence bull that was sired by the infamous SITZ Upward 307R.  With nearly an 800 pounds ADJ WW and EPDs second to none, here is another bull that will leave his positive influence on the breed.

Three bulls left the sale ring at $7,250 each.

Lot 39, SGRI B907 Todd, 3/31/14 homozygous black, sired by D Up Beat X038. Buyer: Jerry and John Bush, Pierre, South Dakota

Lot 47, SGRI B867 Marshall, 3/21/14 polled, red Balancer, sired by LBC LMAN King Rob 8621. Buyer:  Doug Schmidt, SFF Ag, Ocheyedan, Iowa.  Doug also purchased the Lot 5 SITZ Upward 307R black 2/27/14 bull at $7000.

Lot 48, SGRI B878 Miner, 3/24/14, another polled, red, King Rob son.  Buyer: Craig Lambert, Fedora, South Dakota.

Two additional bulls sold for $7,000—both buyers are repeat customers having purchased several bulls of the years.   Lot 21, SGRI B842 Hanson, 3/16/14 polled red sired by HXC Jackhammer 8800U. Buyer: Noel Rath, St. Francis, Kansas and Lot 44, SGRI B834 Faulk, 3/14/14 polled, red sired by HXC LCC Cheyenne B221L.  Buyer:  Nagel Bros., Gettysburg, South Dakota.

Volume buyer and longtime customer was Loren Porter, Geddes, South Dakota with the purchase of four bulls.


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