Saskatoon Gelbvieh 13th Annual Bull and Female Sale

Saskatoon, SK
Auctioneer: Don Savage
Sale Manager: Don Savage Auctions
Reported by: Don Savage

Purebred Bulls       $3,702
Purebred Heifer     $1,685

The 13th Annual Saskatoon Gelbvieh Bull and Female Sale was again very successful. With a three-day blizzard across much of western Canada the sale was postponed until the following day, giving everyone a little extra time to dig out through the snow drifts. Cattle presented by Fir River Livestock, Stone Gate Farm and the Davidsons were considered to be some of the best. Due to the blizzard the Davidson cattle did not arrive but were sold by means of sale cattle pictures projected on a screen.

Keriness Cattle Company, Airdrie, AB, was in attendance and selected two bulls. Their first choice was FIR River Ronny 652Z at $7,000. 652Z is sired by MGF Rig Rocker and out of a DCC Rikhards Red sired dam. Keriness Cattle also selected FIR River Holman 627Z for $4,500, a son of LTC Ridge Star Holman and out of a Red Rock sired dam. Twisted T Gelbvieh, Asquith, SK, selected FIR River Hugh 660Z at $4,400. 660Z is a son of EGL Pabst and out of a Rally Lou sired dam.

Stone Gate Farm consigned another excellent offering to the 2013 sale. Bluff Island Stock Farm, Inwood, MB, selected STON Zoro 10Z at $5,750. He is a son of SLC Master Plan and out of the STON Miss Julie cow family. Lorne and Sandi Zentner, Consul, SK, chose STON Zeus 25Z, a son of V V Xtra Time, for $4,500. V & V Farms, Redcliff, AB, chose STON Zander 8Z at $4,500. 8Z is a son of CES Decka Outback and out of a Fir River sires dam. Richard Gamache, Bonnyville, AB, selected STON 32Z at $4,400, a son of DES Decka Outback and out of STON Lady Antebellum.  Hill70 Quantock Ranch, Lloydminster, AB, selected STON 7Z for $4,300. 7Z is a son of SLC Master Plan and out of a JBM bred dam.

Wade Davidson, Ponteix, SK, sold WDE Davidson Dynamic 2Z to Jason Ekeberg, Lac La Biche, AB, for $5,300. 2Z is a son of Davidson Showtime and out of a Davidson Romeo sired dam. Gary Tweddle, Harris, SK, selected AMD 10Z from Angus and Marlene Davidson for $4,500. AMD 10Z is a son of Davidson Showtime and out of a Davidson Supreme sired dam. Barry Cloutier, Ponteix, SK, selected AMD 11Z also for $4,500. AMD 11Z is a Davidson Showtime son out of a Top Brass sired dam.

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