Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants 18th Annual Open House Bull & Female Sale

Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants, West Lafayette, IN held their 18th annual open house and bull sale & female at the M5 Ag Services Farm near Carthage, Indiana on Saturday, March 13. It was a standing room only crowd with 57 registered buyers and over 120 people in attendance. The MBCC team sold 33 bulls at an average of $4500 and15 females at a $1593 average at their open house and sale. All bulls selling sold with genetically enhanced EPDs.

The high selling bull, MBCC Weightlifter 14H came from Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants and sold at $7400 to
repeat buyer Chet Thompson, Washington, IN. This homozygous black, polled Balancer® son of WCR 59 and out of
the “218” foundation cow family sports EPDs of CED 18, YW 122 and 0.59 marbling which puts him in the top 3%,
15% and 10% respectively. Thompson now has 4 Balancer bulls from 3 different MBCC team members working in
his commercial herd.

Second high selling bull at $5800 went to repeat buyer Tony Eppley and Grant VonDielingen of VF Farms,
Seymour, IN. Balancer bull MBCC Hugo 10H from DJ Weimer, DVM is a paternal half-brother to the top selling lot
and out of a Ditka sired female that also goes back to the “218” cow. Hugo 10H has EPDs of CED 20, YW 122 and
0.57 marbling with percentile ranks of 1%, 15%, 10% respectively. VF Farms also owns a custom locker plant and
the 10H calves will fit their needs nicely.

The next high selling bull at $5700 was Balancer bull MBCC Useful 8H also owned by Weimer. This is another WCR
59 son and out of MBCC Evie 1B ET. This calving ease “cow maker” boasts EPDs of CED 20, CEM 13 and marbling of
0.50 for top 1%,1% and 20%. Jim Lankford of Martinsville, IN will use this bull on all his outstanding, commercial
replacement heifers this coming spring.

Three bulls sold at $5600. BRCC Rod’s 04H WCR 59 from Blue Ridge Farms had the highest FPI of any bull in the
sale at 101.67 (top 1%). He also was outstanding in many other EPDs including CED 16 (top 15%), YW 122 (15%),
marbling 0.83 (1%). First time buyer Jon Kelly, St. Croix came to the sale on the advice of a longtime MBCC
customer and we think he made an excellent selection. Our two SimAngus bulls both by J Bar J Nightride 225Z and
both from cooperator herd Lubben White Oak Farms, Monticello, Iowa had plenty of interest. MBCC LWO
Marbling 72H went to first time buyer Buddy King of Pyatt, Arkansas. MBCC LWO Baldy 76H was purchased by
first time buyer Lane Edwards of Eckerty, IN. Both new buyers were made purchases on the advice of their herd
health veterinarians.

REID Medal of Valor 118H owned by Brian Riedie was one of nine bulls sired by MBCC No Risk 8F in the sale. “No
Risk 8F” sold in our 2019 sale going to Marvin Mauer at Greensburg with semen interest retained by MBCC. This
Balancer AI sire has EPDs of CED 17 (15%), WW 88 (4%), YW 141 (4%), marb 0.74 (3%) and FPI 101.49 (1% and #4
Balancer AI sire in the entire breed). He is stamping his calves with calving ease, growth and muscle. “118H” sold
at $5500 to volume buyer K&M Farms of Fair Oaks, IN who also took home another Riedie 8F son along with two
bred cows.

In the female sale, Riedie had the top two selling lots with his daughters of BRCC Brooks Arnold 79E. Both 2-yearolds had heifer calves at side. RIED 50G/REID 50J sold for $2800 to Alyson Peoples of Lizton, IN and RIED 48G/RIED 48J sold for $2750 to Ben Poehlein, DVM, Shelburn, IN. These females will make excellent additions to their herds. Open registered and commercial heifer calves from Riedie, Blue Ridge and host M5 Ag Services sold from $1200 –1700 with many going to repeat buyers.