Lost River Livestock

Clearbrook, Minn.
Auctioneer: Marlin Kapp
Reported by: CattleSeller.com

24           Yearling Bulls      $3,177
29           Bred Heifers       $3,034

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 1: $4750, Purebred Gelbvieh, LRSF Deep Impact A58, March 1, 2013, HYEK Black Impact 3960N X Prime Cut 406S30, Lonny Burrack, Trail, Minn.

Lot 4: $4,400, Purebred Gelbvieh, LRSF Rocky A2, February 10, 2013, DCSF Granite 200P2 X Move'N On W16, Terry Frenzel, Black Duck, Minn.

Lot 10: $4,000, Balancer®, LRSF Marshall A61, March 5, 2013, HYEK Black Impact 3960N X TC Rito 416, Lonny Burrack, Trail, Minn.

Top Selling Heifers:

Lot 63: $3,750, Red Angus, LRLD Sandy Z84, March 22, 2012, 3SCC Dominor W311 X Brando L9, safe to Brown Redemption, Nordlund Stock Farm, Clearbrook, Minn.

Lot 69: $3,600, Commercial, LRLD Z70, March 19, 2012, LRLD Clemente X80 X PVF 423K (SM), safe to Brown Heritage, Bradley Keehr, Brainerd, MN

Lot 58: $3,500, Balancer, LRSF Sabrina Z13, February 17, 2012, JRI Prime Cut 406S30 X Brown Vacation H7106, safe to Brown Heritage, Bradley Olek, Felton, Minn.

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