Lemke Cattle 9th Annual Bull Sale

February 3rd, 2015
Lawrence, Nebraska
Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
Reported by: Randy Lemke

Sale Average: $6,882

A large crowd filled the sale facility at the ranch. Bidding was solid and steady as was the quality of the bulls from the beginning to the end of the sale.

Topping the sale at $12,500 was lot 32 sold to Bill Davidson in Kansas. LEM Epic 481, a purebred Red Angus powerhouse heifer bull sired by Epic 397K combined phenotype, power and top EPDs with a 72 pound birth 758 pound WW, 1222 YW,14.3 REA, 4.02% IMF and 39.5 scrotal.

Lot 1 , LEM GAME BREAKER 445B was next at $11,500 for full possession and two-thirds interest, going to Mick Lemke, Nebraska. This homozygous black herd sire prospect was admired by all for his power, structure and style.He boasted a 88 pound BW, 856 pound WW, 1340 YW, 16.3 REA, 4.06 % IMF, 40.9 scrotal. Genomic-Enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) in top one percent for REA, MB,and FPI. Top 15 percent of breed for CED, BW and YW.

Lot 9, LEM RIGHT KIND 459B sold for $11,000 for possession and two-thirds interest to Flat Creek Farms, Nebraska. Homozygous black, sired by Hoover Dam heifer Bull with unheard of GE-EPDs and phenotype. He ranks in the top one percent CED, BW, CEM, YG, REA, MB, and FPI.

Lot 3, LEM TOP CHOICE 474B ET sold $9,000 for full possession and two-thirds interest to Mike Hoyer in Nebraska. He is the homozygous black Balancer son of Net Worth excelling in performance, maternal & style. He ranks in the top one percent for REA, MB and FPI. He’s in the top three percent for YG, CW, YW and the top 35 percent for CED, CEM, & WW.  Actual BW 88, WW 864, YW 1464, REA

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