LeDoux Ranch Production Sale

Agenda, Kan.
Auctioneer: Kyle Elwood
Reported by: Danielle LeDoux

32           Yearling Bulls      $3,993
12           Registered Females        $2,712
31           Commercial Pairs             $2,071
35           Commercial Bred Females           $1,904

The LeDoux Ranch had a bright sunny day and a full crowd for a great bull sale. The sale was held the second Saturday in February at the ranch in Agenda, Kan.  

The high selling bull was LeDoux Ranch’s 2013 People’s Choice Balancer® Bull Futurity entry, AHL Redemption 237Z.  He is a February 5, 2012 homozygous black and homozygous polled, yearling Balancer bull. Eagle Pass Ranch of Highmore, S.D., was the top bidder for possession of the bull. The following breeders bought semen packages on this outstanding herd sire: Bar Arrow Cattle Company, Phillipsburg, Kan.; DTK Cattle Company, Janesville, Iowa; Pat and Lacy McCabe and partners, Farley, Iowa; Schawang Cattle Company, David City, Neb., and C-Cross Cattle Company, Asheboro, N.C.; bringing the total sale price to $23,500 on the Lot 1 bull.

Lot 5, AHL Tenderloin 175Y, was the second high selling bull going to Cedar Top Ranch out of Stapleton, Neb., and Boehler Gelbvieh of Orleans, Neb., for $5,600. He is a 50 percent Balancer bull sired by EGL Tenderloin N407. 

Topping the female lineup was Lot 37, AHL Gorgeous 148Y, a purebred heifer with a great HXC Jackhammer heifer calf at her side. Murray Farms, Kingfisher, Okla., picked her up for $3,700.

Lot 40 and Lot 30 tied for the second high selling females of the day going for $3,000 each. Lot 40, AHL JJ 206Z, is a 50 percent BEA Passion daughter, purchased by Murray Farms. Lot 36, AHL Erica 164Y, is an Angus heifer with a SRR True Grit calf at side. This great pair went to Verner Farms LLC, Rutledge, Ga.

Volume bull buyers were Brian Dorman, Shoemaker Farms, and Jake Schneider.

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