Judd Ranch Inc. 37th Bull Sale

March 7, 2015
Pomona, KS
Auctioneer: Steve Dorran
Reported By: Roger Gatz

Sale Averages
48 Black Polled Purebred Fall Yearling Bulls          $9,141
58 Red Polled Purebred Fall Yearling Bulls            $7,246
46 Black Polled Balancer Fall Yearling Bulls          $8,570
11 Red Polled Balancer Fall Yearling Bulls             $6,841
1 Purebred 1A Red Angus Fall Yearling Bull           $5,750
21 Black Polled Purebred Spring Yearling Bulls    $7,810
26 Red Polled Purebred Spring Yearling Bulls       $7,494
29 Black Polled Balancer Spring Yearling Bulls     $7,681
11 Red Polled Balancer Spring Yearling Bulls        $7,341
13 Purebred 1A Red Angus Spring Yearling Bulls $6,135

264 Total Bulls                                                               $7,865

Judd Ranch’s 37th Bull Sale was a huge success with 303 registered bidders from 21 states and Canada. Lot 2 topped the sale offering at $18,000 to a commercial cowman from Kansas and 14 of the 15 top selling bulls sold to commercial cattlemen.

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