Judd Ranch 35th Annual Bull Sale

Pomona, Kan.
Sale Manager: Cattlemen’s Connection
Reported by: Roger Gatz

34           Black Balancer® Fall Bulls               $7,017
37           Black Purebred Fall Bulls               $6,425
8              Red Balancer® Fall Bulls            $5,875
49           Red Purebred Fall Bulls               $5,432
6              Red Angus Fall Bulls                   $4,791
33           Black Balancer® Spring Bulls         $5,327
12           Black Purebred Spring Bulls         $5,104
7              Red Balancer® Spring Bulls           $4,492
27           Red Purebred Spring Bulls            $3,742
14           Red Angus Spring Bulls                $3,621
227         Bulls       $5,456

Judd Ranch’s 35th Annual Bull Sale was a huge success considering Mother Nature dumped right at two foot of snow a few days prior to sale day. Two hundred and two registered bidders from 25 states and Canada were in attendance and bulls sold into 23 states and Canada.

JRI Pop A Top 307Z80 topped the sale at $11,500 to Voss Farms, Bruning, Neb. This black, homozygous polled purebred JRI Pop A Top 197T83 son was Judd Ranch’s lead pen bull in their 2013 champion pen of five bulls in Denver. He puts together impressive numbers including: 86 pound birth weight, 681 pound 205-day weight, 1,270 pound yearling weight, 39.3 cm yearling scrotal, and a 20.4 square inch yearling ribeye.

JRI Multi Task 197Y22 sold as the second high selling bull at $11,000 to Shilling Bros., Westphalia, Kan. This homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer® Final Answer x Extra Exposure son weaned off his dam at 995 pounds. He posted an 84 pound birth weight, 815 pound 205-day weight, 1,247 pound yearling weight, 38.6 cm yearling scrotal and an impressive 6.46 pounds/day average daily gain.

JRI Maximizer 634Z21 sold to Leonhardt Cattle Co., Lake Preston, S.D., for $10,500. This black, homozygous polled Mytty In Focus x Extra Exposure son was Judd Ranch’s lead bull in their 2013 reserve champion pen of five Balancer bulls in Denver. His performance data includes: 79 pound birth weight, 784 pound 205-day weight, 1,386 pound yearling weight, 40.2 cm yearling scrotal, and a 14.9 square inch yearling ribeye.

JRI Super Duty 9Y53 sold to Tracy Lake, Blackfoot, Idaho for $10,500. This double black, homozygous polled purebred JRI Secret Instinct 254U83 son posted an 74 pound birth weight, 762 pound 205-day weight, 950 pound weaning weight off a first calf heifer, 1,242 pound yearling weight, along with a 41.4 cm yearling scrotal.

JRI Investigator 178Y22 rounded out the $10,000 plus top sellers going to F.L. Taylor, Niangua, Mo., at $10,500. This double black, homozygous polled Balancer Mytty In Focus x Extra Exposure son nursed from a first calf heifer. He posted a 90 pound birth weight, 807 pound 205-day weight, 1,244 pound yearling weight, 39.2 cm yearling scrotal, with 5.50 pounds per day average daily gain.

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