Judd Ranch 24th Annual Cow Power Female Sale

October 11, 2014
Pomona, Kan.
Sale manager: Cattlemen’s Connection
Reported by: Roger Gatz

6              Purebred Spring Bred Heifers            $5,792
7              Balancer Spring Bred Heifers             $5,714
5              Purebred Red Angus Bred Heifers     $5,500
12           Purebred Fall Bred Females                $5,292
7              Balancer Fall Bred Females               $6,000
1              Red Angus Fall Bred Female              $3,750
22           Purebred Spring Bred Females           $5,398
7              Balancer Spring Bred Females           $5,857
3              Red Angus Spring Bred Females       $5,417
7              Purebred Spring Open Heifers            $5,000
8              Balancer Spring Open Heifers             $4,656
2              Purebred Red Angus Open Heifers     $5,375
22           Purebred Fall Open Heifers                  $4,920
14           Balancer Fall Open Heifers                   $5,125
1              Red Angus Fall Open Heifer                $5,250

Judd Ranch’s 24th Annual Cow Power Female Sale was loaded with cow power genetics. Eighty-eight percent were homozygous polled, 93 percent were sired by breed leading AI sires, and 99 percent of the females featured honored Judd Ranch Dam of Merit cow families.

JRI Ms Extra Exposure 254L53 ET, Lot 50 tied for top selling honors at $7,500 to Kanhoma Gelbvieh, Coffeyville, Kan. This homozygous black purebred donor female has been honored as a Dam of Merit and/or Dam of Distinction female in every year of eligibility (2006 thru 2014).

Kanhoma Gelbvieh struck again in purchasing JRI Ms Daisy 254B227, Lot 46A at $7,500. This homozygous black Balancer® spring open heifer calf posted a whopping 733-pound 205-day weight and her pedigree was loaded with Dam of Merit genetics.

John Griesel, Howard, Kan., purchased several outstanding females and his top pick was JRI Ms Triple X 406Z35, Lot 52 at $7,500. This first-calf homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer female sold safe in calf to Pop A Top for a Feb. 9 calf. John’s second pick was JRI Ms Cowgirl Tuff 3W70, Lot 47 at $7,000. This homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred female’s first calf sold for $10,000 in the 2013 Judd Ranch Bull Sale.

Marcus Sommers, Maysville, Mo., purchased several super females and Marcus’ top pick was JRI Ms Expresso 270X20, Lot 54 at $7,250. This homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer female featured a 79-pound average birth weight with a ripping 731-pound average 205-day weight on her trio of calves.

Coles Bend Cattle Co, Smith Grove, Ky., selected the top selling bred heifer JRI Ms Prime Doma 282A51, Lot 1 at $7,000. This homozygous polled purebred Pop A Top daughter featured a many time honored Judd Ranch Dam of Merit dam.

Cattle sold into 13 states and Canada.

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