Judd Ranch 23rd Annual Cow Power Female Sale

Pomona, Kan.
Sale manager: Cattlemen’s Connection
Reported by: Roger Gatz

12           Purebred Spring Bred Heifers     $3,325
9              Balancer Spring Bred Heifers       $3,067
2              Purebred Red Angus Bred Heifers            $2,300
21           Purebred Fall Bred Females        $3,148
8              Balancer Fall Bred Females          $3,088
3              Red Angus Fall Bred Females      $2,633
12           Purebred Spring Bred Females  $3,350
1              Balancer Spring Bred Female      $2,900
2              Red Angus Spring Bred Females                $2,700
5              Purebred Spring Open Heifers   $2,200
8              Balancer Spring Open Heifers     $1,938
31           Purebred Fall Open Heifers         $2,255
4              Balancer Fall Open Heifers           $2,500
2              Red Angus Fall Open Heifers       $1,850

Judd Ranch’s 23rd Annual Cow Power Female Sale was loaded with cow power genetics. Eighty-two percent were homozygous polled, 96 percent were sired by breed leading AI sires, and 100 percent of the females featured honored Judd Ranch Dam of Merit cow families.

JRI Ms Extra Gold 246T90, Lot 120, topped the sale offering at $9,500 to junior Gelbvieh member Michael York in Cathrage, Mo. This powerful homozygous polled purebred fall bred female has been recognized as a Dam of Merit female in every year of eligibility (2012 and 2013). Her four calves have only averaged 76 pounds at birth with a ripping 691 pound average 205 day weight spread. Michael has had tremendous success with Judd Ranch genetics as his first bull purchase reigned as the 2013 national champion Gelbvieh bull.

Jack Lindstrom of Kansas purchased several super Judd Ranch cow power females. His number one pick was JRI Ms Secret Admirer 213Z97, Lot 1, at $4,500. This awesome homozygous polled purebred Top Secret spring bred heifer nursed a 2012 Dam of Merit. Jack’s second pick was JRI Ms Style Icon 254Z25 (Lot 11) at $4,000. This beautiful black, homozygous polled, spring bred heifer’s pedigree was loaded with Judd Ranch Dam of Merit genetics on the maternal side.

D Lazy M Livestock, Dave McGraw, added four sensational females to his powerful program in Nebraska. Dave’s top two picks were black, homozygous polled, JRI Secret Instinct 254U83 spring bred heifers, JRI Ms Secret Service 214Z31, Lot 16, and JRI Ms Cleopatra 706Z44, Lot 13, at $4,000 each. These beauties featured excellent low birth to super growth spreads and sold bred to JRI Pedro 207Z74, a member of Judd Ranch’s 2013 national champion pen of 5 Gelbvieh bulls. 

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