Hojer Gelbvieh & Balancer 22nd Annual Production Sale

Huron, S.D.
Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
Reported by: Alan Hojer

108         Bulls       $4,208
Gelbvieh Bulls   $5,250
Balancer® Bulls   $3,878
54           Open Heifers     $2,702

The top selling bull in the annual Hojer Ranch production sale was Lot 20, BNC Mr. Hojer A357. He is a black, homozygous polled son of VRT Lazy TV Sam U451 and out of an Astro dam, who boasted very high performance numbers with a very low birth weight. He sold for $9,000 to Chad Struthers, Iowa. Hojer Ranch retained part ownership in this outstanding young herd sire prospect.

Lot 4, BNC Mr. Hojer Z305, was out of a first calf heifer and still pressed down the scales at 816 pounds at weaning and 1,309 pounds at yearling. Terry Wicks of Carpenter, S.D., was the winning bidder at $7,750.  

Lot 10, BNC Mr. Hojer A360, is a black, homozygous polled son of JDPD Astro 407S. He is another great performer in the Hojer Ranch bull sale offering, posting a 746-pound weaning weight and a 1,288-pound yearling weight. Terry Wicks made another great purchase at $7,250 to add this bull to his bull battery.  

Lot 110, BNC Mr. Hojer A3327, is a red, polled, Balancer® bull, sired by a bull raised by the Hojers, BNC Power Max U812. This very powerful bull sold for $7,000 to Reisch Farms, Howard, S.D.

Lot 7, BNC Mr. Hojer A321, is a red, homozygous polled, purebred son of JDPD Astro 407S. This bull offered an outstanding ribeye area of 16.70 square inches. He sold for $6,500 to Nagel Brothers, Gettsyburg, S.D.

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