Genetic Power Gelbvieh and Balancer® Bull Sale

March 14, 2015
Springfield Livestock Marketing Center
Springfield, Missouri
Auctioneer: Jay Elfeldt
Sale Manager: Mitchell Marketing Service
Reported By: Rebecca Mettler

Sale Average

128 Gelbvieh and Balancer® Bulls……………………$4,294

J Bar M Gelbvieh, J&K Gelbvieh and Hilltop Farms joined together and provided an impressive set of bulls for the Genetic Power Gelbvieh and Balancer Bull Sale. Buyers gathered from nine states to take advantage of the group of bulls assembled at the southwest Missouri sale.

The top selling bull of the sale was Lot 64, JKGF B300. The purebred Gelbvieh, homozygous black, homozygous polled son of DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 was purchased for $11,000 by Chris Hampton from Celina, Tennessee. JKGF B300 boasts EPDs in the top 25 percent of the breed for both marbling and feeder profit index.

The honor for second top selling bull goes to Lot 1, JEMG A715. He is the August 2013 son of DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 with an impressive set of EPDs including total maternal, weaning weight, yearling weight, yield grade and feeder profit index in the top five percent of the breed. Dennis Weaver of Lee Summit, Missouri placed the final bid of $7,500.

Lot 28, JKGF A306 was another top seller and was purchased for $7,000 by Mathew Graber of Richmond, Missouri. He is the homozygous black, double polled son of CMFS 7132T.  He sports EPDs in the top 10 percent for yearling weight and feeder profit index as well as carcass weight in the top 15 percent of the breed.

Lot 85, HTFG B468 also sold for $7,000 and was purchase by Beastrom Gelbvieh from Pierre, South Dakota.  He is the homozygous black, homozygous polled son of CTR Sandhills 0065X with REA area ratio of 101 and IMF ratio of 103.

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