Feist Gelbvieh 32nd Annual Bull Sale

Sale Date: Monday, March 9th, 2020
Location: Bowman Auction Market. Bowman, SD
Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar
Sale Report: Randy Feist

Sale Averages:
Total 32 Yearling Gelbvieh Bulls $3,805

Feist Gelbvieh hosted their 32nd annual bull sale in Bowman, North Dakota at Bowman Auction Market on March 9th. A large group of repeat buyers filled the seats on a beautiful March day.

Gerald Burghduff, repeat buyer, pulled the trigger on G44, a double polled red purebred that posted an 83-pound birth weight and a 745 pound 205-day weight for $5000. He also purchased G69, another red purebred for $4500.

Kevin Robinson purchased G51, a red purebred with an 88-pound birth weight and a 205-day weight of 809 pounds for $4750.

Volume buyers were TJ Livestock, who purchased 5 purebred and black balancers and Craig Mollman, who purchased 5 black balancers.