32nd Annual North Dakota Gelbvieh Association’s Golden Rule Sale

January 25, 2016
Kist Livestock Auction
Mandan, North Dakota
Auctioneer:  Jay Elfeldt
Sale Manager: Mitchell Marketing Service
Reported by: Rebecca Mettler

Sale Averages:
20 Gelbvieh and Balancer Bulls                  $5,525
19 Gelbvieh and Balancer Females             $3,124
Overall Average                                             $4,360

Members of the North Dakota Gelbvieh Association joined forces to put together a remarkable set of Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls and females for the 32nd Annual North Dakota Gelbvieh Association’s Golden Sale.

Lot 42, WOHL Winter C62, consigned by Wohl Farms was the top selling lot of the sale. This homozygous black purebred Gelbvieh bull is sired by one of the breed-leading carcass sires, MCFG 186Y. Winter C62 also ranks in the top 25 percent or higher for eight EPDs which makes him a great herd sire candidate. SR Graveley Gelbvieh, Avon, Montana, realized his potential and purchased Lot 42 for $17,000.

Lot 41, FGC C38, the first in a pair of bulls that sold for $7,000, was consigned by Feist Gelbvieh. This red, homozygous polled, purebred Gelbvieh bull was sought out as a performance oriented, complete package and purchased by Gerald Burghduff, Camp Crook, South Dakota.

Lot 39, WOHL Caliber C36, again consigned by Wohl Farms, tied for the second highest selling lot. This purebred 88 percent Gelbvieh bull is homozygous black and homozygous polled. Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh bought the bull for $7,000.

On the female side, Lot 4, DDGR 17 B consigned by Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh was the high selling female. This purebred 88 percent Gelbvieh daughter of Lazy TV Sam U451 boasts an impressive set of EPDs and is in the top 1 percent of the breed for marbling and FPI. SR Graveley Gelbvieh, Avon, Montana purchased the female for $4,750.

The second high selling female of the sale was Lot 5 consigned by Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh. DDGR Sydnee 27B is a 50 percent Balancer female backed by a dam known for producing high performance progeny. Lost River Livestock, Clearbrook, Minnesota purchased her for $4,500.

Next up was Lot 2, LRSF Snazzy B26 ET, consigned by Lost River Livestock. The Snazzy line of cows has a history of highly productive cows and Snazzy B26 is following in those footsteps. Rick Schimming of Enderlin, North Dakota, purchased her for $4,350.