25th Anniversary Davidson Gelbvieh & Lonesome Dove Ranch Sale

Ponteix, Saskatchewan
Reported by: Eileen Davidson

Bull Average       $4,702

The cold temperatures were no match for the warm camaraderie amongst cattlemen as Davidson Gelbvieh and Lonesome Dove Ranch sold a large selection of red and black purebred Gelbvieh bulls on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at their Bull Yards near Ponteix, Saskatchewan. A great crowd of buyers and bidders were on-site, with lots of auction action taking place on-line and on the phone. Bulls sold across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec, and several bulls will be making their new homes in the United States as well.

Leading off the sale was DVE Davidson Willy 15A, a black polled Secret Weapon son, who sold to Smithers Land & Livestock of Alberta for $28,000.

DVE Davidson Brandt 64A, a homozygous polled, homozygous black DVE Davidson Moneyman 86Y son, was destined for North Dakota, selling to Arlan Anderson for $8,000. Top-selling red bull was DRT Lonesome Powerstroke 203A who sold to repeat buyer Joe Lansing of Lansing Land & Livestock, Alberta for $8,700.

DVE Davidson Autry 35A, a homozygous black, homozygous polled bull out of a Leadtime female sold to repeat buyer Mike Ketterling of Ketterling Gelbvieh in North Dakotafor $7,500. Also fetching $7,500 was DRT Lonesome Stetson 60A, a black DRT Lonesome Hall of Fame 38X son, who sold to repeat buyer Joe Ness of Jonus Cattle Co., Alberta.

DVE Davidson Hank 155A, a red DVE Davidson Cowboy 20U son, sold for $7,250 and was one of two bulls purchased by repeat clients of Belmar Farms, SK. Other repeat customers included Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, North Dakota, who purchased a new sire for their breeding program, taking home DVE Davidson Jackson 26A, a red DVE Davidson Trump 63U son, for $6,500, as well as the Mannville Colony who topped out their buying with DRT Lonesome Backroads 80A, a DRT Lonesome High Roller 55W son, at $6500. 

Long-time loyal buyers, Hillcrest Colony of Saskatchewan were volume purchasers for 2014, investing in six bulls for their breeding program. Rutledge Ranching, also repeat clients, purchased four new sires including DVE Davidson Bing 113A, a son of Navaho, for $7,500. Walper Ranch of Alberta topped their three bull purchases with DVE Davidson Gill 128A, a DVE Davidson Moneyman 86Y son for $7,000.

The crew at Davidson Gelbvieh and Lonesome Dove Ranch appreciate the tremendous help and support from neighbours, friends and family who assisted with the behind-the-scenes work, and also appreciate the special efforts made by their new and repeat customer base to participate in the sale. The 26th Annual Davidson Gelbvieh and Lonesome Dove Ranch Bull Sale will take place Saturday, March 7, 2015 at their sale facility at the Bull Yards.

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