23rd Annual Central Montana Gelbvieh and Angus Genetics Bull Sale

March 17, 2018
Lewistown Livestock Auction
Lewistown, Montana
Consignors:  Danell Diamond Six Ranch, Bolton Double B Ranch, and Linhart Angus
Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe
Reported by Omie Danell

Sale Averages:
5 Purebred Gelbvieh Yearling Bulls    $5,450
20 Balancer® Yearling Bulls                $4,400
7 Purebred Angus Yearling Bulls        $4,286
32 Overall Average                             $4,539

Although the forecast threatened winter storms, sale day came in with warmer temperatures and only a heavy fog in the area.  What a blessing for our customers for calving and for traveling!  Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, friends, neighbors, and family for your help in bringing this offering of Gelbvieh, Balancer, and Angus seedstock.  Bulls were sold locally, statewide, and into Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Sale Highlights:

Lot 35, JOB DANELL John Glenn 22E, topped the sale at $9,000, selling to Dan Warner, Warner Beef Genetics of Arapahoe, Nebraska.  John Glenn is a homozygous polled, black purebred Gelbvieh son of DLW New Frontier 33A ET out of a MLLC M/L Encore daughter, JOB DANELL Jojo 13Y ET, the granddam of the up and coming AI sire, BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C!  John Glenn covers all bases, from top EPDs for birth and calving, growth, and carcass to personal performance – actual birthweight of 80 pounds, sale day weight of 1305, and scrotal of 40.5!  Watch for semen sales on this future AI sire.

Lot 7, M L Wide Open 7299, at $8,250, was the high selling purebred Angus bull.  Gary and Kathryn Jenni of Lewistown, Montana, went home with this high-performance son of Hilltop Wide Open 4215 that weaned off his dam, a Sitz Upward 307R daughter, at 925 pounds!  With an actual birthweight of 80 pounds and growth ratios – WW 120, YW 110, and ADG 109 – it is easy to see why this bull was sought after!

Lot 40, JOB DANELL Paygrade 68E, was the high selling Balancer, selling to Austin and Raelynn Genereux of Big Sandy, Montana, for $6,500.  Paygrade is a homozygous polled and homozygous black BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C son from an AAR Ten X daughter, and boasts well-rounded EPDs and outstanding performance!

Lot 36, JOB DANELL Gambler 34E, sold locally to Paul and Jen Jensen for $6,000.  Gambler is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of BTBR Nevada 1170Y from a JOB DANELL TD Chico Loco 28Y daughter with good calving ease, growth, and carcass!

Lot 37, JOB DANELL Dandy 39E, at $6,000, goes to Kyle and Jade Salveson of Malta, Montana.  Dandy is a black, homozygous polled Balancer son of JOB DANELL A.J. 12A ET from a daughter of one of our most productive donor dams, Monarch Sandy Pride S132, and Dandy boasts a tenderness score of 10!

Lot 2, M L Resource 7072, sold for $5,750 to Mike Thom of Moore, Montana.  This purebred Angus son of S A V Resource 1441 comes from a strong maternal cow family that continues to perform with high weaning and yearling ratios!

Lot 34, JOB DANELL Reinvented 13E, at $5,750, sold locally to Fred and Leslie Colver.  Reinvented is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of Sitz Reinvested 636A with a low birth weight, high gain, and a tenderness of 9!  Fred and Leslie also take home Lot 21, BBDM Bolton Big Hunk 128E, a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C and Lot 25, BBDM Bolton 20/20 143E, a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of Thomas Top Hand 0536.

Lot 18, BBDM Bolton Peyton 118E, sold for $5,500 to Kevin Guldborg, Guldborg Bros. Inc. of Brockway, Montana.  Peyton is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Gelbvieh Balancer son of V A R Discovery 2240 with low birth and high gain EPDs backed by performance – an actual birth weight of 74 pounds and one of the highest gain ratios!  He also has a .76 MB EPD, a tenderness score of 7, and a docility score of 7!  Kevin also takes Lot 31, JOB DANELL Liberty 03E and Lot 41, JOB DANELL Twilight 71E.

Lot 30, JOB DANELL Napoleon 01E, was picked up by Dave and Dawn Bowman, Bow K Ranch, of Olathe, Colorado, for $5,500.  Napoleon is a homozygous polled, homozygous black purebred Gelbvieh son of BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C with an actual birth weight of 79 pounds, a sale day weight of 1325, a scrotal of 41.4, an REA of .52, an MB of .06, and a tenderness score of 6!  Watch for semen sales on this future AI sire.

Lot 32, JOB DANELL Security 04E, and Lot 33, JOB DANELL Oz 08E, two Balancers, go to Roger Eissinger of Brockway, Montana, for $5,500 each.  Roger also picked up purebred Gelbvieh – Lot 29, BBDM Bolton Rip Tide 192E.

Lot 24, BBDM Bolton Titanium 141E, went home locally with Elton and Jill Owens for $5,000.  Titanium is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of TMGC SB Arnold 225W with calving ease, carcass value, and outstanding performance!