16th Annual Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants Open House and Bull Sale

16th Annual Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants Open House and Bull Sale
March 16, 2019
Carthage, Indiana
Reported by W. Mark Hilton, DVM

Sale Average
19 Bulls. $5,211
5 Bred Females $1,940
14 Open Females. $1,461
Midwest Beef Cattle Consultants, West Lafayette, Indiana, held their 16th annual open house and bull sale at the Muegge Farm near Carthage, Indiana. The MBCC team sold 19 bulls at the open house and sale. The bulls averaged $5,211 with MBCC Reward 4F topping the sale at $8,600. This frame 4.7 homozygous black, homozygous polled 41% Gelbvieh, 59% Angus bull sired by KCF Bennett Y6 goes back to the MBCC foundation cow, GJH 218B. His genomic-enhanced expected progeny difference (GE-EPD) combination of top 1% CED, 3% WW, 4% YW, 5% marbling, 1% docility and 1% FPI make him one of the few Balancer® bulls in the breed with that combination of extreme calving ease, growth, and marbling. Buyer was DJ Weimer, DVM, Knightstown, Indiana, with 50 percent semen interest kept by MBCC.
The next high selling bull was one of the three calving ease Angus offered. WF Hickok 4E sold for $7,100 to Chris Tempel from St. Croix, Indiana. This extremely docile son of Mill Bar Hickok 7742 boasted EPDs of top 10% CED, 20% YW and 20% marbling.
MBCC No Risk 8F was the next high seller at $6,900 going to 8 year-old future seedstock producer, Marvin Mauer of Greensburg, Indiana. Marvin understands GE-EPDs and selected one of the few Balancer bulls in the breed that combines top 10% CED, 1% WW, 1% YW, 1% marbling and 1% FPI. MBCC retained 50 percent semen interest in this homozygous black, homozygous polled 31% Gelbvieh, 69% Angus son of KCF Bennett Y6 out of a Watchman daughter. Young Marvin is looking to put some $$ from selling semen into his college fund.
MBCC CR Butkus 1F sold for $6,700 to Lee Walls, Frankton, Indiana. This 50% Gelbvieh, 50% Angus son of Sandpoint Butkus was out of a 13 year-old daughter of KCF Bennett G196. He boasts top 20% CED, 10% YW, 35% marbling and 10% FPI and was second high gaining bull on test.
ERTL Absolute Ditka 218F was the next high seller at $6,600 and went to Ben Poehlein, DVM, Shelburn, Indiana. This son of JKDF Ditka C85 is out of MBCC Molly 218D who is a granddaughter of foundation cow, GJH 218B. This homozygous black, homozygous polled 38% Balancer bull was one of the high gaining bulls on test and has been a standout since birth. This calving ease bull has GE-EPDs that rank him top 15% CED, 10% YW, 10% docility, 15% FPI.
Chet Thompson of Washington, Indiana, took advantage of our guaranteed sight unseen option and purchased WEIM 31F Charlie from DJ Weimer. This extremely docile Balancer son of EF Complement 8088 is out of a super Watchman first calf heifer. His EPDs rank top 15% CED, 4% YW, 1% marbling and 1% FPI.
Longtime customer Mick Johnston of Dillsboro, Indiana, selected LRSF F65 from Muegge Family Farms at $5,400. This red 38% Balancer bull is out of H2R Profitbuilder B043 and a BNC Apollo B433 first calf heifer. His balanced GE EPDs include top 15% WW, 15% YW, 20% marbling and 15% FPI.
After years of customer requests to include females in the sale, MBCC had the quality and numbers to make this happen. Five registered and commercial bred females averaged $1,940 and 14 open females averaged $1,461. Volume female buyers were James Bush, Underwood; Gerald Yanos, Straughn and Wendell Heath, Frankton.