2020-2021 Ring of Gold Champions

Champion Gelbvieh Female

Entry: BCFG Butlers Ms Gia 90G ET
Exhibited by: Alexandria Raab, Markle, IN

Champion Gelbvieh Bull

Entry: JNCC 0242H Sundance Kid ET
Exhibited by: Sarah Carroll, Raymore, MO

Champion Balancer Female

Entry: MDR Friday F72 ET
Exhibited by: Kyson Thiel, Kaw City, OK

Champion Balancer Bull

Entry: MDR First Round Pick 9824G ET
Exhibited by: Dobson Ranch, Kaw City, OK

Ring of Gold

The American Gelbvieh Association established the Ring of Gold program to honor the top animals shown at the conclusion of a show year. Points are earned for grand and reserve grand champions, as well as division champions and reserves, and are based on the actual number of animals shown in each qualified show. The Ring of Gold show season begins after the conclusion of the Gelbvieh and Balancer National Show at the National Western Stock Show held in Denver, Colorado, which is the final show of the season.
State associations and show coordinators may use these forms to assist in reporting Ring of Gold show results:

The Ring of Gold points system is a five-tier system that is applicable to both Gelbvieh and Balancer shows based upon the actual number of entries shown, not number entered. (For more information regarding Balancer shows, please see below.)

Points are earned for Grand and Reserve Grand Champions, as well as Champions and Reserve Division Champions. In the case of cow-calf pairs, the female receives the points, not the calf shown by side. Open shows for Gelbvieh and Balancer, separately, are calculated only. Junior Shows are not calculated into the total number of entries for the Ring of Gold tabulations.

It is the responsibility of the state Gelbvieh associations to send the official results of state fair shows to the AGA office within 30 days of the show.

Actual Head Shown

Number of Head 20-35 36-50 51-65 66-85 86+
Point Scale
Grand Champion 8 10 15 20 30
Reserve Grand Champion 6 8 12 16 24
Division Champion 4 6 9 12 18
Division Reserve Champion 2 4 6 8 12

The Ring of Gold Rules will be applicable to both Gelbvieh and Balancer shows. In order for AGA to recognize your show as a Ring of Gold (ROG) point show it MUST meet these requirements.

  1. Percentage, purebred and fullblood Gelbvieh bulls, 75% to 100% will show together.
  2. Percentage and purebred Gelbvieh females 75% to 100% will show together. Note exception in #3.
  3. A 75% female or bull that qualifies to show either as a Gelbvieh or Balancer, can only be entered and exhibited in one division at a show. Exhibitors must designate Gelbvieh or Balancer as “Breed” at the time of entry – NO changes will be allowed after entries are received.
  4. A 75% female or bull, eligible to show either as a Gelbvieh or Balancer could earn points throughout the year in both the Gelbvieh and Balancer divisions depending on how it was entered and exhibited. These points will NOT be combined.
  5. To qualify as a Balancer ROG point show, the show must accept ALL cattle that meet the American Gelbvieh Association’s rules for registration as a Balancer hybrid.  The AGA allows 25 to 75% Gelbvieh, 25 to 75% black or red Angus, with up to 1/8th other or unknown ancestry as a Balancer.
  6. To be eligible to win a Ring of Gold champion title, an animal must have earned ROG points from a minimum of two AGA ROG shows.

Points will be based on number of head shown within the Gelbvieh division and Balancer division separately, not on number entered and not on a total of Gelbvieh and Balancers shown.
In order for a state show to become a sanctioned Ring of Gold point show each state association must meet and follow the requirements listed below:

  • A show must meet the minimum requirement of 20 head.
  • Any state fair, state show, recognized regional level show with 20 or more head shown is eligible as an ROG show, regardless of the previous year’s entry numbers.
  • Each ROG point show is allowed a Gelbvieh Division and a Balancer Division.

Please submit all proposals to the American Gelbvieh Association office.