American Gelbvieh Association Provides Genetic Tools for Ranchers

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) is excited to announce the launch of the Smart Select Service data management system that provides genetic tools to aid commercial cattlemen in the selection process. Smart Select Service is non-breed specific and is available for all commercial producers who want to increase the genetic value of their herds for the potential to increase profitability

Smart Select Service has the goal of being the best value in genetic management; commercial producers can enroll females for $1 per head. This small enrollment fee equips Smart Select Service members, also known as performance members, with a herd management database to manage all cowherd data from individual performance information to exposure and vaccination information. Herd management reports will be made available to performance members including herd summary reports, dam and progeny reports, and herdsire reports.

In addition, the AGA will be offering performance members access to the feeder profit index (FPI) and Stayability score on both males and females with appropriate data reported. FPI is an economic selection index developed to aid producers in selecting sires whose progeny will perform in the feedlot and on the rail. Stayability scores are used to gauge reproductive longevity of the herd. These scores predict the probability a sire’s daughters will stay productive within a herd past six years of age. These tools will be predicted through the multi-breed cattle evaluation run bi-annually and by doing so, increase the accuracy of prediction of these two parameters to accelerate genetic improvement.

Performance members will be able to take advantage of consultation offered by trained AGA staff. Producers can also take advantage of DNA testing such as parent verification on all animals or the Maternal Edge Female Profile on Gelbvieh influenced animals at the respective test’s additional cost.

“It’s an exciting time in the beef industry. AGA is proud to offer the Smart Select Service to the commercial cow-calf sector, and provide commercial producers with the tools necessary to select for increased genetic change to enhance their bottom line,” says Kelli Retallick, American Gelbvieh Association Data Services Coordinator.

Starting Monday August 17th, producers will be able to enroll females into the Smart Select Service online database. To learn more about the specifics of enrollment go to or contact Kelli Retallick at 303-465-2333 or

The American Gelbvieh Association is a progressive beef cattle breed association  representing 1,500 members and approximately 40,000 cows assessed annually in a performance-oriented total herd reporting system.


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