State and Affiliate Associations

Gelbvieh cattle can be found throughout the United States and across the world. In the U.S., there are 17 state and regional Gelbvieh associations. A state Gelbvieh association is an independent organization and affiliated with the American Gelbvieh Association. Primarily, state associations help increase the demand for Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics and foster relationships among seedstock breeders, commercial producers, and allied industry within the state or region.

Activities of state associations can include state sponsored Gelbvieh and Balancer sales, field days, tours, meetings, shows and junior events. Contact the state officers from the association in your state for information on how to join your local Gelbvieh association.

Internationally, Gelbvieh organizations are active in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, among others.

Heart of America Gelbvieh Association
President: Brad Rumfelt, Phillpsburg, MO
Vice President: Josh Phillips
Vice President: Jared Nowack
Secretary: Ginger Ertel, Greentop, MO
Treasurer: Matt Ketcherside
Directors: Brynn Anderson (District 1), LD Witt (District 1), Brad Rumfelt (at large), Jeff Viles (at large), Josh Phillips (District 3), Barb LaShell  (District 2), Joe Kendrick (District 3), Jared Nowack (at large), Matt Ketcherside (District 2)

Gelbvieh Breeders of Iowa
President: Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, IA
Vice President: Cassie Durant
Secretary: Galen Geidel, Greenfield, IA
Treasurer: Ed McCreary, IA

Kansas Gelbvieh Association
Facebook: Kansas Gelbvieh Association
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President: Cole Buffo, Jetmore, KS
Vice President: KC Youngblood, Columbus, KS
Secretary: Risa Overmiller, Smith Center, KS
Junior Advisor: Meredith Johnson, Barnard, KS
Junior Advisor: Leland Clark, Barnard, KS

Kentucky Gelbvieh Association
President: Joe Piles, Bardstown, KY
Vice President: Johnnie Moore, Fountain Run, KY
Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Tilghman, Glasgow, KY

Mississippi Gelbvieh Association
Facebook: Mississippi Gelbvieh Association
President: Warren Martin, Perkinston, MS
Vice President: Jason Morris, Batesville, MS
Secretary: Malena Martin, Perkinston, MS
Treasurer: Beverly Manning, Batesville, MS

Montana Gelbvieh Association
President: Kathleen Rankin, Oilmont, MT
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Don Danell, Lewistown, MT

Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska
President: Kerry Spence, Crab Orchard, NE
Vice President: Jared Scholl, Milford, NE
Secretary/Treasurer: Tom Murphy, Franklin, NE
Junior Advisor: Rustin and Kate Brooks & Neal and Tara Voss

North Carolina Gelbvieh Association
President: Justin Ridenhour, Salisbury, NC
Vice President: Scott Baucom, Marshville, NC
Secretary/Treasurer: Ken Chambers, Stoneville, NC

North Dakota Gelbvieh Association
President: Jordan Jensen, Powers Lake, ND
Vice President: Amanda Altman, Worthington, MN
Secretary: Al Gustin, Mandan, ND
Treasurer: Chad Kraft, Turtle Lake, ND
Director: Lisa Hoots, Killdeer, ND
Director: Brian Wehri, Hebron, ND
Director: Dwight Dockter, Medina, ND

Ohio Valley Gelbvieh Association
President: Tim Sheeley, Hillsboro, OH
Vice President: Sasha Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, OH
Treasurer: Karen Sheeley, Hillsboro, OH
Junior Advisor: Sasha Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, OH
Junior Advisor: Tim Sheeley, Hillsboro, OH
Junior Advisor: Kim Allen

Gelbvieh Association of Oklahoma
President: Zack Rupp, Perry, OK
Vice President: Bill New, Arnett, OK
Treasurer: Tim Reed, Vinita, OK
Secretary: Glen Shoulders, Sperry, OK
Junior Advisor: Connie Tabor, Agra, OK

Pacific Northwest Gelbvieh Association
Facebook: Pacific Northwest Gelbvieh Association
President: Mark Hopfer, Days Creek, OR
Secretary/Treasurer: Sammee Charriere, Clarkston, WA

South Dakota Gelbvieh Association
President: Jesse Struck, Humboldt, SD
Vice President: Lori Maude, Hermosa, SD
Treasurer: Aaron Ceroll, Sisseton, SD
Secretary: Kelly Josephsen, Arlington, SD

Tennessee Gelbvieh Association
President: Tony Patton, Lebanon, TN
Vice President: Michael Butler, Milton, TN
Secretary/Treasurer: Sara Carson, Cleveland, TN

Utah/Idaho Gelbvieh Association
President: Gary Carlisle, Redmond, UT
Vice President: Jeff Loveless, Spanish Fork, UT
Secretary: Kortney Carlisle
Treasurer: Craig Guyman, Huntington, UT
Junior Advisor, Rachel Dowell

The Gelbvieh Breeders of Virginia
President: Dr. Tom Lavelle, Whytheville, VA
Vice President: Bruce Sweeten, Rural Retreat, VA
Sec./Treasurer: Judith A Sweeten, Rural Retreat, VA