Gelbvieh & Balancer National Show

2023 National Gelbvieh & Balancer Show Premium Book
Stalling Questions and FAQ
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*Green Sweater Vests are no longer required of exhibitors during the Open Show held Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Approved Judges List

Females and bulls eligible for the Gelbvieh division must present exactly seventy-five percent (75.0%) to one hundred percent (100%) Gelbvieh on their current American Gelbvieh Association registration certificate to remain eligible for exhibition within the Gelbvieh show(s). Entries presenting less than exactly seventy-five percent (75.0%) that also do not qualify for the Balancer trademark will not be eligible for exhibition. Such percentages are strictly in reference to cattle qualified to exhibit in the Gelbvieh division and not to be confused with AGA breed registration designations.

To qualify for the Balancer® Show all cattle must meet the American Gelbvieh Association’s Balancer trademark rules for registration as a Balancer. Any Gelbvieh female or bull that meets or exceeds exactly seventy-five percent (75.0%) Gelbvieh or more that also qualifies for the Balancer® trademark may choose to show as Gelbvieh or Balancer at the time of entry. Such animals may only show in one division. No changes can be made after entry deadline.

DNA Requirements

ALL cattle coming to Cattlemen’s Congress MUST have a negative BVD-PI test.

Futurity Bulls:

HD test (Option #1)
Bovine Conditions Panel
The bull has to qualify to the sire and dam (parentage test on each parent if no other DNA is on file)

National Sale Animals:

Must have at least the GGP 100-K
Bovine Conditions panel
The animal has to qualify to the sire and dam (parentage test on each parent if no other DNA is on file)