2024 AGJA Way out West Classic, June 30-July 5, 2024 | Woodward, OK

Junior Classic

The national junior show is held every year during the American Gelbvieh Junior Association annual Junior Classic. This event is held in a different location each year. Members between the ages of 8-21 along with their families from all over the U.S. come to participate in more than twelve contest, exhibit cattle, and see their “Gelbvieh family” each summer. The event provides more than just a contest space for our members. The AGJA Junior Classic is an opportunity for members of all ages to network with their friends and industry professionals but also provides a platform to grow as young cattlemen and cattlewomen and advocates of the beef industry. The Junior Classic plays host to the annual meeting of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association, voting of the newly elected AGJA Board of Directors, and a celebratory banquet to conclude the six-day event. The AGJA Junior Classic is possible due not only the hard work and preparation of the AGJA Directors, and host state, but to those who continue to generously donate and sponsor. This event continues to grow each year with no sign of slowing down.

Thank You Sponsors!


  • Sullivan Supply
  • Walton Webcasting


  • SC Online Sales
  • Trans Ova
  • American Gelbvieh Foundation
  • Dobson Ranch
  • Rupp Ranch
  • Gelbvieh Association of Oklahoma
  • Iowa Junior Gelbvieh Association
  • Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska
  • Circle S Ranch
  • Bill New Gelbvieh
  • Riverside Medical
  • Woodward County Event Center
  • Woodward Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Murray Farms


  • TJB Genetics
  • Twisted Stitch Embroidery / September Farms
  • The Crystal Boot
  • Heart of America Gelbvieh Association
  • Mississippi Junior Gelbvieh Association
  • Beastrom Ranch
  • 5S Farms
  • Reed Ranch


  • Welsh Land & Livestock
  • Crooked Creek Cattle Co.
  • Warner Beef Genetics
  • Lost River Livestock
  • Prairie Hills Gelbvieh
  • Wolf Gelbvieh
  • Kuhn Genetics
  • Rogers Valley Farm
  • Hightower Cattle
  • Forbes Ranch
  • Easy E Cattle Company
  • JGP Gelbvieh
  • Bergman Cattle Company
  • K3 Cattle Co
  • Red Ridge Gelbvieh
  • Volek Ranch
  • Lazy TV Ranch
  • Coles Bend
  • Our Perspective Marketing Company
  • Triple K Gelbvieh
  • Blackhawk Cattle
  • Red Maple Gelbvieh
  • Plus One cattle Company
  • K & S Ranch
  • Hot Beef Cattle
  • Ivers Cattle Company
  • Flying H Genetics
  • Sawtooth Gelbvieh
  • Skyline Brewing Company
  • Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh
  • Lowe Cattle Company
  • Grund Beef Genetics
  • High Bar Cattle Co.
  • E5 Gelbvieh
  • Webb-Nelson Cattle Co.
  • Post Rock Gelbvieh
  • Rocky Top Gelbvieh
  • Cattlemen’s Connection
  • Hojer Cattle Company
  • Wolf Gelbvieh
  • Waltz Hay and Cattle
  • Stewart Cattle Co.
  • Lily, Levi, and Lacy Judd
  • Thunderstruck Cattle Company
  • KC Youngblood
  • Red River Gelbvieh
  • Stuckey Beef Genetics
  • Matt C. Simms Auction Inc.
  • Macfugler Farm
  • Black Gold Genetics
  • SEGA Gelbvieh
  • Roger’s Ranch
  • Rippe Gelbvieh
  • Covington Gelbvieh
  • Cranview Gelbvieh


  • Bigger Gelbvieh
  • Overmiller Gelbvieh
  • Loveless Gelbvieh
  • Taubenheim Gelbvieh
  • Cooper Gelbvieh
  • Russell Family Livestock
  • Tanner and Darby Aherin
  • Sandy Knoll Farm
  • T Bar S Cattle Company
  • Gilly’s Gelbvieh
  • Lemke Cattle
  • Clines Farm
  • Golden Image Cattle
  • Owen Spencer Cattle Co
  • Pope Farms Genetics
  • JLEA Tops Down
  • Anderson Cattle Company
  • Lone Oak Gelbvieh
  • Martins Gelbvieh
  • Beenken Farms
  • Dani Stock
  • Delores Gravley
  • O Promo LLC
  • Dawson Creek Gelbvieh
  • Farm Credit of Western Oklahoma
  • Blue and Gold Sausage Co.
  • Braum’s of Woodward
  • Dykstra Cattle Company
  • Hojer Cattle Company
  • CJ & L Livestock
  • Black Walnut Cattle
  • JAM’N Acres
  • MLM Gelbvieh
  • R & D Owen Farms
  • Hennenfent Farms
  • Martin Cattle Co.
  • Powles Gelbvieh
  • Nordman Feedlots
  • L & L Sisters
  • R & J Genetics
  • ABCS Gelbvieh
  • Cibs Gelbvieh
  • Burbank Cattle Company
  • Murphy Farms
  • Sauer Valley View Farms
  • Rumfelt Farms
  • Lambert Cattle
  • Hidden Springs Farm
  • Padon Farms
  • DTK Cattle Company
  • Barwick Gelbvieh
  • Isaacson Farms
  • Cleland Cattle Company
  • Lucky Cross Ranch
  • Claryville Farms
  • Hammer Gelbvieh


  • Chimney Butte Ranch
  • KKD Gelbvieh
  • Plateau
  • Bar Arrow Cattle Company
  • Martin Cattle Co
  • Pleasant Meadows
  • RK3 Farms
  • Kicking Horse Ranch
  • Ladner Cattle Co.
  • Sauer Valley Farm
  • Goldux Gelbvieh
  • Bull Barn Genetics
  • J & K Cattle-n-Quarter Horses
  • Holle Gelbvieh
  • Potter’s Emmett Valley Ranch
  • McCurdy Cattle Company
  • Hilltop Farms/ Brenda McWilliams
  • Lucky Cross Ranch
  • Spencer Cattle Co
  • Gallaway Gelbvieh
  • Steinkruger Farms
  • Terrell Cattle Gelbvieh and Balancer
  • Smith Farms – lane and Karla Smith
  • J & M Gelbvieh
  • Schwawang Cattle Co.
  • H4 Ranch – Mark Hopfer
  • Royal Western Gelbvieh
  • Pecan Ridge Gelbvieh Farms
  • Goose Creek Gelbvieh
  • Jim Degeer
  • Molly Anderson
  • Prohart Gelbvieh
  • Bubba Anderson
  • Danell Diamond 6 Ranch
  • Josephson Farm
  • Ertle Cattle Co.
  • Judd Ranch
  • Riddle & Co.
  • Dustin and Cassie Aherin
  • Legrand, Diamond L


We are experiencing some technical issues with our online entry form but are still accepting late entries for the 2024 AGJA Way Out West Classic at this time. If you have an entry to submit, please email the below information to Tawnie DeJong at tawnie@gelbvieh.org by 11:59pm central time on Monday, June 10, 2024, to be entered. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
Member #:
Exhibitor Name:
Exhibitor Address:
Phone 1:
Phone 2 (if applicable):
First Jr Nationals (Y/N):
If not the first, how many years attending?
Age Division (JR 8-11, INT 12-15, SR 16-21):
Exhibitor t-shirt size:
Do you want extra t-shirts?
If yes, quantity and sizes:
Meal head count:
Female entries (Reg#, Gelbvieh or Balancer, Bred/Owned (Y/N), Cow/Calf (Y/N)
Bull entries (Reg#, Gelbvieh or Balancer)
Market entries (Reg# or attached Market Entry Affidavit)
Blue polo order, if needed (quantity and size)

Official Photographer

Official Livestream Service

Official Supply Provider

2024 AGJA Junior Breeder of the Year

The 2023-2024 AGJA Board of Directors have given serious thought to serve the tradition of awarding its members who work tirelessly on their herd’s genetics, educating others about the breed, and taking ownership of their skills and knowledge as it pertains to the relevance to the industry. Determining how best to serve its membership while honoring the traditions and prestige of the formerly recognized Premier Breeder contest and continue its relevance and recognition through this award we hope you’ll consider submitting a nomination of your own. The idea behind such award is to retain the opportunity to recognize a junior member who goes above and beyond the call of duty regarding the Gelbvieh breed, their family’s operation, the education of the breed, as well as exemplifying good character and leadership skills amongst their peers.

In doing so, the board of directors would like to encourage any interested individuals/families to submit a nomination for the 2024 AGJA Junior Breeder of The Year Award on or before April 1, 2024. Once nominations close, the selection committee will invite select individuals to participate in step two of the process including a virtual interview between the candidate and the committee facilitated by the AGA Member and Youth Activities Coordinator at the convenience of the committee and award nominee. A winner will be selected following the interviews and recognized during the 2024 AGJA Annual Awards Banquet sponsored by the American Gelbvieh Foundation taking place at the 2024 AGJA Way out West Classic on Friday, July 5, 2024. Looking toward the future, the AGJA will continue providing an atmosphere of inclusion, leadership, professional development, and opportunity to all youth.

To submit a nomination form, please first review the parameters of the award below and provide as much detail in your nomination form as you wish.

Award Details:

  • Nominations must be submitted no later than April 1, 2024.
  • Nominee must be an active member of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association.
  • Nominee must be 12 years of age or older as of January 1, 2024.
  • An individual may only win the award once.
  • An individual may receive more than one nomination.

For questions regarding the award or the nomination process please email tawnie@gelbvieh.org.