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AGJA Donation Heifer Raffle

Each year the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) holds a heifer raffle to raise funds for the association. Once again, a special thanks goes to Beastrom Gelbvieh for donating the heifer this year. These funds are used to help cover costs at the AGJA Junior Classic, promote Gelbvieh and AGJA at events like the National FFA Convention, provide leadership opportunities to AGJA members and provide everyday services to its members.

The heifer raffle is AGJA’s largest fundraiser and all juniors members are encouraged to participate.

Below is a link to download the ticket template that can be used to print AGJA raffle tickets at home.

Click here for heifer raffle tickets

Junior Voice

The Junior Voice is a special column dedicated to AGJA and appears in every issue of Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture. Each month the column is written by an AGJA Board Member or the AGJA Staff Advisor.

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