American Gelbvieh Junior Association

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) is the Junior division of the American Gelbvieh Association. The AGJA provides members up to 21 years of age the opportunity to participate in youth activities.

Vision: Unify, Educate and Develop Leaders of the Beef Industry

Mission: By instilling a sense of responsibility, dedication, pride, and professionalism, we develop and enhance the leadership and education of our members, stressing the importance of ethical practices in marketing a sound philosophy for the future of the beef industry.

Joining the AGJA

Membership is open to those who have not yet reached their 22nd birthday prior to January 1 of the calendar year. Junior members are ineligible for Junior membership on January 1 of the year following their 22nd birthday and may no longer hold office or participate in AGJA activities, provided, however, that any member elected to AGJA office prior to becoming ineligible, may serve the remainder of his/her term.

Annual junior dues are due January 1 and must be paid to remain an active American Gelbvieh Junior Association member. Dues are $30.00 for the first year of membership and $20.00 for each subsequent year.

Junior Membership Application

Why join the AGJA?

  • National Junior Show and Regional Shows
  • Educational Contests
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities

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