Gelbvieh Juniors Gather at the Barnyard Classic National Show

Note to editors:  High-resolution press quality photos of all the winners from the shows and the contests are available by contacting Jennifer Scharpe, American Gelbvieh Association director of communications at or 303-465-2333.

The 34th annual American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) classic was held in Sioux Falls, S.D., June 29 through July 4, 2014. The 2014 Barnyard Classic saw 157 AGJA members from 16 states that met and exhibited 251 head of Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle. 

The event was hosted by the South Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association and the week was filled with several leadership and skills contests and concluded with two days of cattle shows. 

The national junior Balancer female show was held on Thursday, July 3. Judge Brad Gohr of Madras, Ore., evaluated 114 Balancer heifers and five Balancer cow-calf pairs. Mr. Gohr also judged the showmanship contest earlier in the day. The following day Lydell Meier of Clinton, Tenn. evaluated 98 Gelbvieh heifers, four Gelbvieh cow-calf pairs, nine Gelbvieh bulls, ten Balancer bulls, and 11 market steers. 

The supreme champion Gelbvieh female was exhibited by Michael Ring, Oregon, Ill.  BCFG QVS Butlers Kali 282Z ET is a September 12, 2012 daughter of SLC Freedom 178F ET. The heifer was first named champion senior female and grand champion Gelbvieh heifer. 

The supreme champion Balancer female was exhibited by Lane Enyart, Afton, Okla.  WORR Red Jessica 201A is a January 24, 2013 daughter of JDPD Akin 140W. She was also named grand champion Balancer heifer and champion winter yearling heifer.   

Video coverage of the week-long event, including show result videos, is available at The American Gelbvieh Junior Association serves more than 500 members nationally. The vision of the AGJA is to unify, educate and develop leaders of the beef industry. To learn more about Gelbvieh or the American Gelbvieh Junior Association visit or call 303-465-2333.

The following includes overall results from the Gelbvieh heifer, cow-calf and bred and owned bull shows; the Balancer heifer, cow-calf and bred and owned bull shows; market steer show; and a few highlights from the contest results. 

Gelbvieh show results

In the Gelbvieh female show, the reserve grand champion Gelbvieh heifer was BCFG QVS Butlers Kali 281Z ET exhibited by Justin Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C. This heifer was born on September 11, 2012, and was sired by SLC Freedom 178F ET. She stood second in class and division to the supreme champion Gelbvieh female.

The grand champion bred and owned Gelbvieh heifer was TTTT Little Hottie exhibited by Chase Tabor, Stillwater, Okla. This heifer is a March 27, 2013 daughter of TTTT Hott Papa ET, and came out of the summer yearling division.  

Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C., exhibited the reserve champion bred and owned Gelbvieh heifer. HSCF 268A Miss August is a November 4, 2013 daughter of JRI Pop A Top 197T83. This heifer first claimed senior heifer calf division champion.   

The grand champion Gelbvieh cow-calf was MYFM Saphire exhibited by Brynn Meyers, Oak Ridge, Mo. The cow was born on December 15, 2011 and was sired by HYEK Black Impact 3960N.   

Reserve grand champion Gelbvieh cow-calf was exhibited by Samantha Ivers, Austin, Minn. IFG Ivers Sophia is a February 23, 2012 daughter of JRI Secret Weapon 164T5. 

Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb., exhibited the grand champion in the bred and owned Gelbvieh bull show. PMG 06 A is a March 14, 2013 son of CRAN Final Answer W24 ET. 

Reserve champion in the bred and owned Gelbvieh bull show went to CRMG X Factor exhibited by Carter Mitchell, Appleton City, Mo. The bull is a March 24, 2014 son of JDPD Rolex 151M.  

Balancer show results

The reserve grand champion Balancer heifer was GHGF Ashley 31A, exhibited by Ryan Menius, Mt. Ulla, N.C. This heifer is an April 1, 2013 daughter of FMGF Blue’s Impact 001X and was first named champion spring yearling heifer.

The grand champion bred and owned Balancer heifer was exhibited by Michael Ring, Oregon, Ill. SKYM Lady A 3075A ET is a March 14, 2013 daughter of TAU Gunslinger 19U. This heifer was first named spring yearling heifer division reserve champion and bred and owned division champion.

HSCF Twisters Southern Bell was named reserve grand champion bred and owned Balancer heifer and was exhibited by Connor Durham of Piedmont, S.C. She is a February 24, 2013 daughter of TAU Mr Krugerrand 70M 130P and was first named winter yearling bred and owned division champion. 

In the Balancer cow-calf show, grand champion went to Jacob Barwick, Orleans, Neb., with PMG Yolanda 57Y. The cow was born on May 16, 2011 and was sired by JHG Premonition 662S ET. 

The reserve champion Balancer cow-calf was TAU Miss Gridiron 131Y, exhibited by Sydney Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb. The cow was born on February 15, 2011, and was sired by TC Gridiron 782.

Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb., exhibited the grand champion in the bred and owned Balancer bull show. PMG Aladdin 11A ET was born on May 9, 2013 and was sired by TAU Gunslinger 19U. 

The reserve champion bred and owned Balancer bull was SKSK Jukebox 4A exhibited by Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb. He is an April 8, 2013 son of SKSG the Jazz X1. 

Market steer show results

Finally, the grand champion market steer was exhibited by Justin Ringkob, Lake City, S.D. His steer weighed 1,133 pounds.

The reserve grand champion went to Cater Mitchell, Appleton City, Mo., with a steer weighing 1,230 pounds. 

Contest result highlights

Members of the AGJA competed in the always-competitive showmanship contest. The showmanship results are as follows:  Jessie Lowe, Adrian, Mo., junior champion; Alex Barwick, Orleans, Neb., junior reserve; Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C., intermediate champion; Grady Hammer, Wallace, Kan., intermediate reserve; Justin Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C., senior champion; Micah Mueggenborg, Kingfisher, Okla, senior reserve.  

The winner of this year’s premier breeder award went to Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C. Past AGJA member and current Gelbvieh breeder Emily Griffiths of Kendallville, Ind., sponsors the award. The award honors an AGJA’s member’s achievements and goals within their own herd.

Junior members earn points all throughout the week through participating in the more than 20 contests. The points are then totaled and the top ten individuals are recognized in the all-around competition. The top ten all-around individuals are: Karysn Youngblood, Columbus, Kan., champion; Tanner Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan., second; Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb., third; Rachelle Anderson, Jamestown, Kan., fourth; Grady Hammer, Wallace, Kan., fifth; Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, Iowa, sixth; Meredith Clark, Barnard, Kan., seventh; Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C., eighth; Chisum Grund, Sharon Springs, Kan., ninth; Madison Schafer, Goodhue, Minn., tenth.


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