Gelbvieh Juniors Experience the Northern Lights in National Show


Members of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) met in Rochester, Minn., for their annual junior national show held June 30 through July 5. Named each year after the host state, the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic saw 253 Gelbvieh and Balancer® animals exhibited by more than 150 junior members from 16 states.

The Minnesota Gelbvieh Junior Association hosted the week-long event which was filled with more than 20 leadership and skills contests and concluded with the cattle shows.

“This event is more than a cattle show. Throughout the week, AGJA members are challenged in various contests designed to build their skills as future beef industry leaders. Just as important, AGJA members have an opportunity to meet other members from across the country and build lasting friendships and networks," said Dana Stewart, AGJA staff advisor and American Gelbvieh Association director of member services.

The national junior Gelbvieh show was held on Friday, July 5. Judge Jim Williams of Boling, Texas evaluated the 100 Gelbvieh heifers, 7 cow-calf pairs, and 12 bred and owned bulls. Mr. Williams also judged the 9 market steers. The national junior Balancer show was held a day earlier on Thursday. Dan Hoge, Cambridge, Ill., judged the 102 Balancer heifers, 11 cow-calf pairs, and 12 bred and owned bulls. Mr. Hoge also judged the showmanship contest.

New for the 2013 show was the naming of a supreme champion female for both the Gelbvieh and the Balancer shows. Previously the heifers and cow-calf pairs competed together for grand champion female. This year the heifers and cow-calf pairs in each breed were separated into their own shows, with the champions of each brought back for selection of the supreme champion female.

The supreme champion Gelbvieh female was exhibited by Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo. JCGR BAR GT PrettyWoman 529 is an October 24, 2011 daughter of RID R Collateral 2R. She was first named grand champion Gelbvieh heifer as well as champion senior female.

The supreme champion Balancer female was exhibited by Garrett Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C. PLA Miss Zelda 20Z is a February 12, 2012 daughter of S A V Pioneer 7301. This heifer was first named grand champion Balancer heifer as well as champion winter yearling.

Video coverage of the show is available at The American Gelbvieh Junior Association serves more than 500 members nationally. The vision of the AGJA is to unify, educate, and develop leaders of the beef industry. To learn more about Gelbvieh or the American Gelbvieh Junior Association visit or call 303-465-2333.

The following includes overall results from the Gelbvieh heifer, cow-calf, and bull show; the Balancer heifer, cow-calf, and bull show; the market steer show; as well as a few highlights from the contest results.

Gelbvieh Show Results

The reserve champion Gelbvieh female was LRSF Elise Y153 exhibited by David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn. His heifer is an August 25, 2011 daughter of JRI Prime Cut 406S30 and was first named reserve senior female.

The grand champion bred and owned Gelbvieh heifer was exhibited by Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C. HSCF Gee Gee 218Z is a September 4, 2012 daughter of JHG Premonition 662S ET. She first claimed the senior heifer calf division.

Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan., had the reserve champion bred and owned Gelbvieh heifer, TTTT Damn Special ET. This February 12, 2012 heifer is sired by JRI Enhancer 53U21 and came out of the winter yearling division.

In the Gelbvieh cow-calf show, grand champion went to Connor Durham with LRSF Rylee Y99. The cow was born March 30, 2011 and was sired by JRI Prime Cut 406S30.

The reserve champion Gelbvieh cow-calf and champion bred and owned was TTTT Red Dawn exhibited by Chase Tabor. This February 21, 2011 cow was sired by JRI Extra Exposure 285L71 ET.

Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo., showed the reserve champion bred and owned Gelbvieh cow-calf. KKKC Better Yet is an October 21, 2010 cow sired by KAKC JPTK Hot Source.

In the bred and owned Gelbvieh bull show, the grand champion went to SYDB Garbanzo Bean exhibited by Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill. He is a March 2, 2012 son of SYDB Butter Bean.

The reserve bred and owned Gelbvieh bull was exhibited by Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa. PGGC Ameis 23A is a February 3, 2013 son of CIRS Decade 278U2.

Balancer Show Results

Moving on to the Balancer show results, the reserve champion Balancer heifer was exhibited by Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan. ELC Miss Bella is a February 23, 2012 daughter of SIXM Red Six Mile Sakic 832S. She also came out of the winter yearling heifer division.

The champion bred and owned Balancer heifer was shown by Chandler Ladner, Argonia, Kan. From the senior female division, LCC Lady Di is a September 26, 2011 daughter of HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET.

Van Tucker, Portis, Kan., exhibited the reserve champion bred and owned Balancer heifer. VTT Twisted Sister is a March 6, 2012 daughter of TBP Ravishing Rob 113 and was first named champion bred and owned spring yearling.

The grand champion Balancer cow-calf was shown by David Larson. His cow, SVVG Rylee, is a February 5, 2008 daughter of TC Rito 416.

The reserve champion Balancer cow-calf was JCGR BAR GT Lee Ann 519U ET, shown by Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo. The cow is an August 7, 2008 daughter of RID R Collateral 2R. 

In the bred and owned Balancer bull show, champion went to PMG Zephyr 03Z exhibited by Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. This March 25, 2012 bull was sired by CRAN Final Answer W24 ET.

The reserve bred and owned Balancer bull was exhibited by Cameron Schwark, Herscher, Ill. CSCF Classic Alydar Legend is a June 11, 2012 son of BC Classic 385-7.

Market Steer Show Results

Finally, the grand champion market steer was exhibited by Tanner Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb. His steer weighed 1,365 pounds.

The reserve champion market steer went to John Shearer, Canton, Kan., with a steer weighing 1,155 pounds.

Contest Result Highlights

The showmanship contest is one of the most competitive competitions that AGJA members participate in during the Junior Classic. The showmanship results are as follows: Karsyn Youngblood, Columbus, Kan., junior champion; Willow Weber, Swisher, Iowa, junior reserve; Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C., intermediate champion; Haley Ringkob, Lake City, S.D., intermediate reserve; Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan., senior champion; and Justin Teeter, Mt. Ulla., N.C., senior reserve. The showmanship contest is sponsored by Sullivan Supply, Dunlap, Iowa.

This year marked the addition of a new premier breeder award to honor an AGJA member's achievements and goals within their own herd. The award consists of an application, interview, and achievements in the show held during the Junior Classic. The recipient was selected based on a total score of the three categories. A past AGJA member and current Gelbvieh breeder, Emily Griffiths of Kendallville, Ind., sponsors the award. The inaugural premier breeder award was presented to Justin Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb.

Throughout the week of Junior Classic, junior members earn points for competing in the educational contests. The points are totaled and the top ten individuals are recognized in the all-around competition. The top ten all-around individuals are: Karsyn Youngblood, Columbus, Kan., champion; Justin Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb., second; Gabrielle Hammer, Wallace, Kan., third; Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C., fourth; Madalynn Walsh, Franklin, Neb., fifth; Tanner Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan., sixth; Grady Hammer, Wallace, Kan., seventh; Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, Iowa, eighth; Callahan Grund, Sharon Springs, Kan., ninth; and Caleb Scharpe, Arlington, Minn., tenth.               

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