Smart Select Service

Get to know your cowherd with the new $mart Select Service data management system. This service provides ranchers, with any breed of commercial cattle, selection tools to make breeding and management decisions based off their herd records to determine which heifers are going to make the ranch’s top producing cows.

With the U.S. cow herd starting to increase in population, $mart Select Service helps the commercial cattlemen stay ahead of the curve by providing better knowledge of each cow’s production level. Each cow’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, allowing management decisions to be made that raise the average production level of the herd.

Information necessary for enrollment:

Initial cow enrollment:

  • Animal ID
  • Estimated birth date
  • Possible sire and dam

Annual cow re-enrollment:

  • Calf record in form of weaning weight or disposal code explaining no calf
  • Heifer breeding records

$mart Select Service provides:

Herd Reports

  • $mart Select Service creates herd reports for commercial cattlemen to compare and rank their individual animals based on performance to improve the average productivity of the herd.

Reports include:

  • Progeny Report – calf performance averages, possible sire and dam
  • Herd Sires Report – bull battery information, number of progeny, exposure data
  • Dam Production Report – calf information, exposure data, disposal codes
  • Herd Summary Report – summarizes overview of herd’s performance and   management (i.e. vaccination records, pasture groups, management codes, etc.)

Genetic Tools

  • $mart Select Service allows animals enrolled in the program to be a part of a genetic evaluation which consists of more than 340,000 and provides ranchers with accurate tools to better select superior cattle within the herd.

Genetic Tools provided:

Feeder Profit Index (FPI) – Index for selecting progeny that will perform in the feedyard and on the rail. FPI requires a calving ease score and weaning weight to be recorded.

Stayability (ST score) – Gauges the reproductive longevity of the herd. ST score requires record of heifer’s first calf, a calf recorded every other year, and date exposed.

Access to knowledgeable staff

  • $mart Select Service members gain free access to professional and knowledgeable American Gelbvieh Association staff to aid in development of a management plan best serving the interest of each individual ranch.

Ranchers may enroll at any time. Upon the annual anniversary of enrollment, a fee of $1 per head assessment is charged.
$mart Select Service members have 30 days to pay assessment fees. After 30 days a late fee of $100 will be applied. If fees are not paid within 90 days, the $mart Select Service membership will be suspended.  

To enroll, download the $mart Select Service Membership Application from the link below. Once the form is complete, send to the American Gelbvieh Association via email at, fax 303-465-2339 or mail to 10900 Dover Street, Westminster, CO 80021.

$mart Select Service Membership Application

Contact Kelli Retallick at the American Gelbvieh Association at 303-465-2333 with questions.