Gelbvieh Performance Advantage Program Recognizes 9 Breeders

The American Gelbvieh Association is proud to honor nine members from Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Missouri and Ohio for achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold status for the association’s Gelbvieh Performance Advantage program for the 2013 management year.

The Gelbvieh Performance Advantage (GPA) program was initiated in 2009 and recognizes AGA members who promote the performance aspects of their program through data collection. Nine members were recognized for the 2013 management year including two being honored with gold status, two with silver status, and five members being honored with bronze status.

The GPA program is unique within the seedstock industry and provides a tool for Gelbvieh producers, both small and large, to be recognized on records kept and data recorded in the previous calendar year.

“Participating members use the GPA program as a way to enhance customer experience as they provide a value-added service with the data they collect from their breeding program,” said Susan Willmon, American Gelbvieh Association director of breed improvement.

To attain GPA status, the AGA member must record performance data, use sires that meet or exceed established performance criteria, and implement technologies such as DNA testing, ultrasound, and A.I. in their programs.

In order for a member to achieve GPA Gold status, producers must collect and submit data on the highest percentage of performance data points. These herds practice A.I. breeding, DNA testing on calves and select sires to enhance breed improvement goals. Attaining this level requires 300 points.

Attaining GPA Silver status requires producers to collect data on animals later in their production cycle, in addition to standard types of measurement. This can include complete yearling data on females and mature cows, ultrasound data and DNA testing. A minimum of 200 points are required to achieve this level.

GPA Bronze status entails gathering performance data above the minimum standards set for the breed. Typically, a mix of performance data collection, DNA testing and sire selection standards categorizes a breeder at this level. A total of 100 points are needed to achieve this level.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners.

Gold status award winners

  • Ginger Ertle, Greentop, Mo.
  • John Huston Cattle Co., New Carlisle, Ohio

Silver status award winners

  • Jean McWilliams, Orovada, Nev.
  • Judd Ranch, Pomona, Kan.

Bronze status award winners

  • Cranview Gelbvieh, Minot, N.D.
  • McClatchey Cattle Company, Palisade, Neb.
  • MLM Gelbvieh, Superior, Neb.
  • Rippe Gelbvieh, Hubbell, Neb.
  • Sandy Knoll Farms, St. John, Kan.
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