American Gelbvieh Association Releases New Search Tools

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) has released new search tools on its registry service. These tools include a ranch search, an animal search, an EPD and genetics search, plus a breeder map. All tools are available to cattlemen and women to help locate Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics and breeders.

The ranch search can be used to find active Gelbvieh and Balancer breeders, either in a general area or when looking for contact information for a specific breeder. Ranches and members can be searched by herd prefix, member number, name, city or state. When a member is searched, phone numbers, addresses, and contact information are displayed.

The AGA registry service also contains a breeder map function, allowing breeders to be found in a particular region or state. The map is interactive making it easy to find seedstock breeders in a desired location.

The animal search option allows a quick way to look up information on an animal’s pedigree, EPDs, performance data, ownership and more. An animal can be searched using registration number, tattoo or name and can be narrowed down by bull or female. This search ultimately brings up an animal detail screen where information on the animal can be viewed. This is a great tool for looking up current EPDs on herd bulls to help producers evaluate their bull battery to determine if replacements are needed.

The EPD search is a tool can be used to find animals with a desired set of EPDs. Producers can use the EPD search to find animals with the genetics that will meet the goals of a program. Within the EPD search, all AGA EPDs and indexes are listed, including AGA’s maternal index the $Cow, the carcass index labeled the feeder profit index (FPI) and the feed efficiency index named the efficiency profit index (EPI). Minimum and maximum values may be set on each EPD and index allowing producers to locate animals with the genetics to fit any environment.

An additional search tools feature is located on the AGA registry service and can be used to find animals with other search filters beyond EPDs. Use the search tools feature to search by breed (Gelbvieh, Balancer, Southern Balancer®, fullblood, or percentage), color, horn/polled status, to find AI sires or to search females who qualified for AGA’s Dam of Merit and Dam of Distinction programs.

All search tools can be found on the Association’s home page at by clicking on the Animal and Member Search banner. These tools are available to the public and do not require login information. To learn more about these search tools, video tutorials are available and are located on the Registry Service Tutorials page on the Gelbvieh website.


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