American Gelbvieh Association Hires Jim Gibb as Executive Director

The American Gelbvieh Association is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Jim Gibb as executive director to the AGA staff. Dr. Gibb lives in Louisville, Colo., and has been hired as the part-time executive director, effective immediately.

Dr. Gibb has a long-standing career in the beef industry working with seedstock and commercial beef producers. His work in the field of genomics and DNA testing has helped breeders and cattlemen identify quality genetics in their herds to help them make sound breeding decisions. Dr. Gibb brings an understanding of breed associations as he has previously worked for the American Polled Hereford Association and the American Gelbvieh Association.

“It is with great pride and inspiration the AGA announces the services of Dr. Jim Gibb in his role as executive director of the Association. Dr. Gibb’s vast accumulated experience working with cattle associations, his wealth of knowledge with regard to genomics and national cattle evaluation, as well as his fond familiarity with Gelbvieh cattle and the American Gelbvieh Association qualifies him as the perfect fit to help propel the Gelbvieh breed and the AGA’s membership into the forefront of the cattle industry,” said Mark Goes, president of the American Gelbvieh Association. “His interpersonal skills and supervisory expertise will enhance and facilitate more effective and efficient performance in the areas of research and breed improvement, administration and promotion for the AGA and its membership.”

The decision to hire an executive director for the AGA was made during the recent August meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors. The Board approved to realign the management of the AGA from the matrix management system to executive director management.

In regards to this decision, President Goes offers these comments: “Along with the diligent efforts towards the recent AGA strategic planning process, the Board of Directors allocated funding for a professional analysis of the matrix management of the AGA as opposed to executive director management. Under the professional advisement of a legal organizational consultant, the AGA Board has opted to proceed with the oversight of an executive director. While the AGA utilized the matrix design for almost three years with success, the efficiency and effectiveness of an executive director surpasses that of a matrix management as applied to a not-for-profit organization such as that of the AGA.”

Dr. Gibb will work out of the AGA headquarters office located in Westminster, Colo., on a part-time basis. For more information on the American Gelbvieh Association, visit or call 303-465-2333.


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