Sustainability Starts with the Cow

LINCOLN, Neb. – Sustainability is a popular topic of conversation within the beef industry, with discussions surrounding improving operational efficiency and increasing transparency to build consumer trust while remaining profitable. For beef producers, sustainability starts at the herd level with the cow. With an efficient use of resources, the Gelbvieh cow is the picture of sustainability in today’s modern beef industry.

Gelbvieh females do more with less. Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle offer maternal superiority through increased longevity, added fertility and more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed. Additionally, Gelbvieh and Balancer females offer a reduced mature cow size, greater calving ease and reach puberty at an earlier age.

U.S. Meat Animal Research Center data shows Gelbvieh females have the smallest mature cow size and are the earliest to mature of the major beef breeds. The Gelbvieh breed was the only breed in the study to reduce mature cow size – at an average of 1,382 pounds Gelbvieh-sired females had the lowest five-year-old cow weight. This reduced mature cow size allows for puberty to be reached at an earlier age, which leads to calving earlier in the season and producing a heavier calf at a younger age.

Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics deliver maternal superiority in planned crossbreeding systems. Gelbvieh maternal influence offers added fertility, increased longevity, and more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed. Using Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics can increase profitability through heavier weaning weights, improved feed bunk efficiency as well as heavier, faster-gaining cattle. Highly productive cows with adaptability, versatility and sustainability can have a positive impact on the producer’s bottom line.

Sustained production in the cow herd is essential. Gelbvieh females are proven to stay in the herd longer and consume less while weaning heavier calves. Gelbvieh-influenced females are the smart, reliable and profitable maternal choice for achieving sustainability in today’s modern beef industry. Be sustainable, breed Gelbvieh.

The American Gelbvieh Association is a progressive beef cattle breed association representing 1,100 members and approximately 40,000 cows assessed annually in a performance-oriented total herd reporting system.