PHS Prohart Kryptonite 23K Wins 2023 Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity

2023 Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity Winner – PHS Prohart Kryptonite 23K

LINCOLN, Neb. – The 26th Annual Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity was held on January 1, 2023, in conjunction with the Cattlemen’s Congress held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Gelbvieh breeders and supporters initiated the futurity to increase participation in the National Gelbvieh Show, the National Gelbvieh and Balancer® Sale, and to identify the most useful young sires in the Gelbvieh breed. The futurity event is managed by Chris Mitchell.

PHS Prohart Kryptonite 23K was the winner of this year’s futurity, owned by Pro-Hart Seed Stock of Pueblo, Colorado.

PHS Prohart Kryptonite 23K received the most votes after two rounds of voting to beat out the eight other entries in the Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity. PHS Prohart Kryptonite 23K is a 93.75% purebred Gelbvieh bull born on January 20, 2022, and sired by WAHL Flying H Mr High Rev 20G ET. He posts a 72-pound birth weight and a 790-pound weaning weight.

DCSF Post Rock Black Box 150K1, owned by Post Rock Cattle Company, Barnard, Kansas, was one of the runners-up. He is a 99.9% purebred Gelbvieh bull born on February 9, 2022, and sired by DLW TPG Frontrunner 2510F. DCSF Post Rock Black Box 150K1 was the high weaning bull calf who ratioed 122 and ranked first out of 71 contemporaries.

JRI Bonanza 254K426, owned by Judd Ranch Inc. of Pomona, Kansas, claimed the other runner-up in this year’s futurity. He is an 87.5% purebred Gelbvieh bull born on February 11, 2022, and sired by JRI Bandito 253H32. Fertility, longevity, and teat/udder excellence run deep in Bonanza’s pedigree as he features three Dam of Merit/Dam of Distinction honored grandams and is bred with performance as he posted a 970-pound actual weaning weight.

The champion bull sold as lot one in the National Gelbvieh and Balancer sale for $11,000 to Deibler Gelbvieh of Mullen, Nebraska, for possession and semen interest.

The Gelbvieh futurity holds a drawing among members to win proceeds from the sale of the champion bull. Warner Beef Genetics of Arapahoe, Nebraska, and K Lazy S Farms won the drawing.

The futurity is limited to 53 membership slots. Spots only come available when an operation does not renew their membership.


The American Gelbvieh Association is a progressive beef cattle breed association representing 1,100 members and approximately 40,000 cows assessed annually in a performance-oriented total herd reporting system.