Projects and Grants

Steer Challenge and Scale & Rail Steer Testing Contest

The American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) continues to help advance the Gelbvieh breed through its support of research and development. For this reason the AGF continues its Steer Challenge and Scale & Rail Contest. These two projects together will provide the information and funds necessary to generate data sets to advance Gelbvieh carcass merit.

How It Works:

To participate in the Steer Challenge, simply donate one or more steers to the AGF. All donated steers will then be fed together at the participating feedyard and performance will be tracked throughout the feeding period. Steers will then be harvested and carcass data will be collected. The donors of the top performing steers will be awarded a cash prize. If an individual wishes to participate but does not currently own a steer that is ready to be fed, they may purchase an animal already at the feedyard and donate it to the AGF. Groups of individuals are more than welcome to purchase one steer together. Individuals with three or more steers available from the same contemporary group (same ranch, same arrival date and same harvest date) are encouraged to participate in the Scale & Rail Steer Contest. These steers will also be fed together at the feedyard and data collected throughout the feeding period as well as at harvest. Please note, steers participating in the carcass testing contest do not have to be donated to the AGF and may remain in the custody of the current owner throughout the contest. However, it is encouraged for individuals to participate in both projects in order to help collect valuable data for the association as well as build resources for future projects, aimed at improving Gelbvieh influenced genetics.

Click here to download Steer Challenge entry form
Click here to download Scale and Rail entry form
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NEW LOCATION: Deliver steers to Kinsley Feeders located near Kinsley, KS

Steer Challenge Results

Click here to download results from the 2023 Steer Challenge

AGF at Work for the Membership:

Together, these projects will solidify carcass merit within the Gelbvieh breed and place our cattle in a more competitive position in the beef industry through providing supplementary carcass data on Gelbvieh influenced genetics. In addition to the data collected and knowledge gained from these projects, money raised will help to further develop more accurate tools for ranchers when selecting Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics. Contest guidelines and entry forms may be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Participants with questions regarding either program may contact  Tom Strahm at 785-547-7999 or email

Grants and Requests 

The American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) is committed to the long-term success of the American Gelbvieh Association through funding projects for research, member education and youth development. Members may fill out the forms below requesting grants or scholarship funding that are related to the three focus areas of the Foundation.

Application for Grant Money for Research, Juniors, and Member Education
Application for Junior Scholarship Funding

Indirect Cost Policy Statement 

In view of its status as a non-profit institution and its desire to maximize the direct impact from its research funding dollars, it is the official policy of the American Gelbvieh Association and its entities not to pay facility, administrative or other indirect and overhead costs for research projects funded by the Association and its 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity American Gelbvieh Foundation.