COW POWER Female Genotyping Project

Discover the cow power in your herd!

The Cow Power Female Genotyping project is collaborative effort with the American Gelbvieh Association and Neogen to increase the number of genotypes and phenotypic information on females in the AGA herdbook. Collection of this information helps to increase the accuracy and predicting power of EPDs used to describe Gelbvieh and balancer cattle.


The Cow Power Project offers members the opportunity to receive a research price of $25 for a genomic test on females in order to DNA test at least 90% of their current active cow inventory.

Participants who submit both mature weights and body condition scores electronically on at least 90% of the current active cow inventory will receive a one-time $4 rebate per head.

Project Requirements:

· A minimum of 90% of the member’s active female inventory is to be genotyped

*Members participating in the Cow Power Female Genotyping Project are not eligible for the DNA testing incentive program.