The Balancer® Edge program requires a minimum of 75% of the sires used to be registered Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls, and these bulls must be a minimum of 25% Gelbvieh genetics. The verification process for this program requires producers to submit first and last calf born date, head count support and registration papers of the sires to verify Gelbvieh genetics.

The Source and Age Verification (SAV) program has been in practice in the beef industry since 2004, and continues to play an important role in adding value to U.S. beef producers. Balancer® Edge meets the SAV base requirement for cattle to be eligible for marketing into the China Export Verification program, the Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) program for the EU, Verified Natural Beef, GAP 5-step Animal Welfare and others. In addition, Balancer® Edge documentation is eligible for establishing age of animals at the processor and is also now an accepted method of determining maturity of animals for grading purposes – ensuring they fall into the A maturity category if they are under 30 months of age at harvest.

The AGA has partnered with IMI Global, an accredited, independent verification company who evaluates specific attributes or practices associated with livestock production and provides an unbiased assessment of the ability of any animal or group of animals to meet those specific standards or claims.

Balancer Edge users pay $3.00/head which includes the tags and application processing. Producers can choose between 982 and 840 EID tags. 840 EID tags require a premise ID. Producers also have the option of choosing a combo set (visual tag and EID) at an addition $1.25 per head. Please allow for approximately two weeks to receive your tags from the time of ordering. Rush orders are available at an additional cost.

Follow the steps below to complete the paperwork that should be submitted approximately one month before marketing calves to receive a Balancer® Edge verification certificate: