Bunkhouse H067

Breed: 100% Gelbvieh

Thatcher Alexander
Address: 2600 West 315th Street
City: Drexel, Missouri
Phone: (913) 244-6620
Email: PrairieBreezeRanch@gMail.com
Registration Number: AMGV1492805
Bull’s Name: Bunkhouse H067
Breed Makeup: 100% Gelbvieh
Where is semen available/contact information for semen sales: 913 244 6620, https://www.prairiebreezeranch.com/sires

Bunkhouse H067’s elite genetics are backed up by real world performance with marketability that works in every operation, from Cow-Calf marketing heavy weight calves, to Finisher selling on the grid. Bunkhouse is the definition of a PBR Bavarian Black Gelbvieh; purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled with performance and quality genomics are in the top righthand quadrant as represented by Genomic FPI %. Nothing is a sure thing, but PBR’s Heather C67 progeny is as good as money in the bank. 100% Gelbvieh - Homozygous Black - Homozygous Polled BW 76 WW 713 YW 1137 EPD Profile: Elite Purebred Genetics with top of the breed Genomics for 17 of 20 profiles.