7 Registered Cows, 5 Registered Calves, Flush Offerings

York Cattle Company
Mike York
City: Carthage, Missouri
Phone: (417) 793-7015
Females Age: Bred Cows
Color: Red and Black
Number of Head:
Type of Sale: Private Treaty

7 Registered Cows, 5 Registered Calves, Flush Offerings This is a unique opportunity to purchase registered, high quality genetics with Judd Ranch genetics in the pedigree. The cows are 2 and 3 years old, red and black, plus there is a 10 year old donor female in this offering. Sires of the cows include JRI Crusader, JRI Marshall, and JRI Top Secret. They are bred to JRI General Patton, JRI Top Gun, and Simmental and Angus bulls. They will calve this fall. The donor female in this offering, JRI 20X20, is sired by JRI Cowboy Cut, and she is bred to SAV Resource. The calves are registered and include bulls and heifers, red and black, and they were born in the fall of 2019. Please call for details and availability. For specific details on this offering, such as pedigree information, registration numbers, and pregnancy status/breeding information, please contact York Cattle Company at the above phone number.