Our Team

Megan Slater : Executive Director

Megan Slater

Executive Director

Megan Slater is originally from Colorado, and has served as AGA executive director since 2019. In her role at the association, Megan is responsible for overseeing the AGA office and works closely with the board of directors to successfully guide the association into the
future. She also assists with developing and maintaining the Gelbvieh message through marketing team efforts and membership communication. Each year, Megan is the lead planner for the AGA’s national convention, which brings together AGA members to conduct association business and connect with other segments of the beef industry through the Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup educational symposium. Megan is a graduate of Colorado State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science and minor in business administration. Upon graduation, Megan began with the AGA as the Gelbvieh Media Productions intern, which eventually lead into a full-time position and advancement within the organization.

303-465-2333, Ext 485

Margo McKendree : Office Operations Coordintaor

Margo McKendree

Office Operations Coordintaor

McKendree, a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, is a graduate of University of Nebraska at Kearney, and holds a Bachelor of Science in organizational and relational communications, a degree she plans to put to work for AGA. In her office operations coordinator role, McKendree organizes and processes accounts payable and accounts receivable, assists members and AGA stakeholders with the AGA online registry, and assists the executive director in administrative tasks.

Tom Strahm : Commercial Marketing Director

Tom Strahm

Commercial Marketing Director

Tom is native of Sabetha, Kansas, where he currently resides with his wife, Carrie, and three children, Payton, Elliott, and Vivian. Tom is a graduate of Kansas State University and has a wealth of beef industry experience, having spent time in several sectors of the industry including cattle procurement for Laura’s Lean Beef Company and cattle sales through his time with United Producers, Inc. Tom also has experience in the cow-calf sector having worked as herdsman on both commercial and seedstock cattle operations. In addition, Strahm also has experience in lending and finance after working as a loan officer for several years. In his role as commercial marketing director, Tom works toward creating feeder calf and commercial female marketing avenues for Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics while serving cow-calf producers and the entire beef industry. Tom also works with members to assist them in building Gelbvieh and Balancer bull demand.

303-465-2333, Ext 472

Meg Vanderbur : Data Services Coordinator

Meg Vanderbur

Data Services Coordinator

Growing up in Greensburg, Indiana, Meg is no stranger to farming and livestock, however, it wasn’t until she joined 4-H that her family began to focus on building their cow herd. She showed cattle throughout her 10 years in 4-H, and continued showing as a junior
on the Indiana Beef Cattle Association circuit. Following high school, Meg enrolled at Purdue University, where she was an active member of the Block and Bridle Club and pursued internships within animal sciences outreach and breed association work. In December 2020, Meg completed a bachelor of science in animal science, from Purdue University. In her role at AGA, Meg assists AGA
members and customers with DNA testing and registry services. She also plays a role in AGA’s member education efforts.
For questions regarding DNA testing or the AGA registry, please contact Meg at meganv@gelbvieh.org or 303-465-2333.

Malerie Strahm : Multimedia Coordinator

Malerie Strahm

Multimedia Coordinator

Malerie grew up and currently resides in Sabetha, Kansas. During her youth, she was actively involved in 4-H, which developed an interest in animal agriculture and the beef industry. Malerie graduated from Kansas State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and journalism, as well as a minor in agribusiness. She then began her professional career at KSi Conveyors, Inc., a leading manufacturer of conveyors and seed handling equipment, as the marketing coordinator. In her role as AGA multimedia coordinator, Malerie manages and develops AGA social media strategies and contribute to AGA publications and the marketing team. Her skills in photography, film production, and design are valuable assets brought to the AGA marketing team for the promotion of Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics throughout the beef industry.

303-465-2333, Ext. 478

Jake Renner : Member and Youth Activities Coordinator

Jake Renner

Member and Youth Activities Coordinator

Jake grew up in the rural community of Pratt, Kansas, where he was involved in 4-H and spent a large majority of his time focusing on livestock projects. In 2013 he graduated from Fort Hays State University where he studied animal science and competed on the livestock judging team. In 2020, he graduated from Kansas State University with a master’s degree in agricultural education and communication focusing on building consumer confidence in the U.S. beef industry through education and communication. From 2014-2019 he served as a county agent for K-State Research and Extension in Kingman County covering agriculture and natural resources as well as 4-H and youth development. In his role as member and youth activities coordinator, he guides the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) and helps to develop the next generation of leaders in the beef industry. Renner is also tasked with enriching the membership experience for AGA members.

For questions regarding AGJA activities, the AGA registry service or AGA events please contact Jake at jake@gelbvieh.org or 303-465-2333, Ext. 483.

Laura Handke : Editorial Contractor

Laura Handke

Editorial Contractor

Laura, her husband, Chris, and eight-year-old daughter, Audrey, live in Easton, Kansas, and run a small herd of commercial cattle. Laura holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agriculture science from Northwest Missouri State University and has been professionally involved in agricultural communications for the past decade, working on education initiatives and content for crop and animal health companies and associations. In her role, Handke helps to create and coordinate content for Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture publications as well as other AGA communications efforts.